2011 Mini Reunion - Feb. 17, 2011

Here are some photos that we have so far -

First group contributed by Joan Higham:

(You can click on the thumbnails below, for a much larger view.)

LimoFront44 LlimoFront45 LlilmoInside47 LimoInside46
LimoInside50 LimoInside51 Spinners48 Spinners49
Dessert53 Dessert55 Lorna and Carl Elvis52


On Feb. 17th, several of the classmates of the Class of '57,
were in Florida, and we got together, for a little fun.

This group included:

Several met at Joan's house, and we were all transported to a restaurant ( Spinners ) located on St. Pete. Beach.

We ate lunch, at the top of the hotel, which rotated a complete circle about every hour and a half, which allowed us to see a beautiful view of St. Pete. Beach.

Phyl and Ron were at the table waiting for our arrival, since we were running late.

After lunch, a group of us were transported back to Joan's house, and we had dessert, which included a "Class of '57" cake.

Ron and Phyl drove from the restaurant, met us at our house, and joined us for dessert.

From there, we said our "Good-Byes", and "Until we meet again", which we hope will be soon at our 54th reunion, in Weedsport, in June.

We have more photos!!

Submitted by Lorna ----- THANKS FOR SHARING, LORNA!

(You can click on the thumbnails below, to see a much larger view.)

Spinners Spinners BeachView ViewOutWindow
ViewFromWindow SpinnersWindowView Inside Spinners Restaurant Spinners
Inside Spinners Joan,Helen,Phyl Susan,Nancy,Denny Denny In Mirror
Dick Brown In Mirror Helen Carl Boat in Gulf of Mexico
Parasail Another Parasail Parasail in Air Parasail Flies Higher
Happiness is Parasailing Smiley is Parasailing Dessert Back Home Carl and Elvis
Carl and Elvis Second Pose Phyl,Helen,Mel and Carl    


Brief descriptions of above photos:

First row:

1. Grand Plaza Hotel at St. Pete Beach ---- Spinners is the rotating restaurant at the very top of the hotel.

2. Another view of the hotel on St. Pete. Beach in Florida.

3. Beach view from the window of "Spinners" - the restaurant where we ate, at St. Pete Beach

4. Another beach view, from a different window, looking out from Spinners

Second row:

5. View of hotels etc., from the Spinners' windows ---- different views, because the restaurant it turning.

6. I think a view of Tampa Bay

7. One of our 2 tables for classmates --- This one shows Dick Brown, Joan Higham, Phyl Abrams, Ron Abrams, and Carl Sande

8. Same folks --- Slightly different view

Third row:

9. Dick, Joan, Helen (standing), Phyl, Ron and Carl

10. Joan, Helen and Phyl

11. Susan Emerson (guest with Helen and Mel), Nancy and Denny

12. Tricky photography! :-) You can see Denny, and Susan in the beveled mirror.

Fourth row:

13. Another beveled mirror photo -- mosty shows Denny

14. Helen

15. Carl, looking out the window

16. Boaters in the Gulf, ready to launch a parasail, I believe

Fifth row:

17. And there they go --- Smiley is parasailing!

18. A different parasail

19. Up, up and awaaaaaaaaaayyy!

20. Riding even higher

Sixth row:

21. Here's Smiley again ---- ain't he havin' fun??

22. Not sure if he is still going up, or coming back down.

23. Back down to earth --- dessert at our house in New Port Richey --- cake, coffee, microwaved ice cream ( a little TOO much ---- I'm afraid a few of us had to "drink" our ice cream, through a straw), chocolate candy and a few other sweets.

24. Carl posing with "Elvis" ---"Thank you!! Thank you very much!"

Seventh (Bottom) row:

25. Carl - Elvis: "Thanks for talking with me!"

26. Winding it up ----- At table: Phyl, Helen, Mel and Carl. With the driveway still blocked, I couldn't get out, so Denny borrowed Helen and Mel's car, to take me to the vet's, to pick up Rascal. Thanks, Denny!


And again ----- MANY THANKS TO LORNA, for sharing the above photos with us all.

Hope we meet again this summer.

Thanks for joining the little group we could gather together, down here in Florida, this year.

It is ALWAYS good to see our precious "Family of '57".