2013 - Little Class get-together in Florida, on Feb. 18, 2013

The weather was so BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrisk that morning, that we took a vote, after everybody arrived here,
as to which place to go - the Homosassa Pontoon boat ride to the North,
or to a museum which would be inside, (and heated), heading South.

The "hands up" vote, was pretty much unanimous - head North to the boatride.

Below, you will see some thumbnails, which you can click on, to see larger views of the photos -

This first group of photos were taken by Dave and Marge Bowden -

Boat Ride Homosassa River

In the first photo you see Joan H., Denny R., and the second photo is Marge Bowden,
third photo shows Nancy and Denny, fourth is John Bankert, fifth is the captain,
and all the other photos were (as above), also taken from the boat, as we were going down the river on the pontoon boat.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos with us, Dave and Marge!

Below, you will see more thumbnails, which you can click on to see larger views of the photos -

This second group of photos were submitted by me (Joan) -

Bus Limo, Boat Ride and Party


The first few photos show our gang boarding the limo-bus, to go to the pontoon boat ride up on the Homosassa River.

In the first photo, from left to right are:

Ron Abrams, Phyl, John Bankert, Denny R., Nancy, Mel Marshall, Helen, Joan H., Marge and Dave Bowden.

These are the folks who you will see in all of the above photos, in addition to a few photos which include our boat captain.

We all had a quick sandwich at the cafe, before we boarded the boat.

After we all got back home, (Joan's place), we had a little dessert party -

The cake (though NOT made by me), was completely edible, including the decorations on top,
which were made of rolled fondant icing - (Jitterbug Dancers), including some pink Poodle skirts and sodas.


First to arrive here, in the early, chilly morning, were Denny and Nancy -

A while ago, they had told me that they would arrive with "bells on their toes" -
Or SOMETHING to that effect - (I really shouldn't quote, when I don't remember the exact words).

And then when I opened the door - there they were with a beautiful crystal bell,
ringing (a very nice, gentle sound), and they handed it to me,
just as they had done (with an entirely different bell), the year previously.

Here is a photo of the pretty crystal bell:

Crystal Bell

Thank you, Denny and Nancy!


John Bankert surprised us all, by showing us several of the very beautifully made wooden products he has crafted.

He generously let each of us pick out the ones which we liked the best.

He showed beautiful vases, bottle stoppers and pens -
all of which he made by hand in his shop at his house.

He used several kinds of wood, and each design was entirely different.

What a perfectionist! He can be VERY proud of the items he has created,
using his superb talent! We ALL admired his work immensely -
and we also thank him for the elegant, one-of-a kind gifts!

They sure are beautiful!

Beautiful wooden crafts from John B

Thank you, John!


I will be adding more photos as I receive them.


Please check back every now-and-then.

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