2015 Get-together for the Class of '57!

Feb. 17th, 2015


2015 Header Class

From left to right:

Dave Bowden, Marge Bowden, Mel Marshall, Helen Marshall, Denny R.,

Phyl and Ron Abrams, Bruce and Kathy Christopher,

Bob and Barb. Welch, Joan Higham and Ron Berry.


Hi, class --

Our day started off with our group of 13 arriving at Joan's house,
at varying times, before 10:45 AM.
Happily, all arrived on time, as well as our bus,
which arrived a bit early, so we left by our scheduled time.

We took the Alternate 19 route,
and arrived at our restaurant, "Bon Appetite",
which is located in Dunedin, Fl.

We had lunch there - They had reserved a very nice table for us,
to accommodate 13, and we all had a lovely view,
from our windows.

Since it was windy outside, we saw several small
whitecaps, in the water, with the tiny waves.

I believe a few classmates saw Porpoise jumping,
in the Gulf of Mexico.

After we finished eating, we went back to the bus,
and rode through 'Fred Howard Park",
on the way back to Joan's house.

It had started raining by then,
and our windows were wet; however,
we still did get to see some of the park,
from the views out of our windows.

When we exited the bus to go into the house,
it was raining, so most of us,
along with all the cars parked outside,
received a free shower.

We had dessert, and coffee,
mostly cake, cheesecake and ice cream,
and while we were doing that,
a caricature artist had one person at a time,
go into the other room, where he sketched their faces.

That was kind of fun, and something a bit different.

Below are some photos which we took during our get-together.

The first photos I received were from Ron Berry:

(Please click on thumbnails below, for larger views.)

Photos from Ron Berry


Description of Photos above

Photos # 1, 2, 3 & 4, show us on the bus, heading to lunch.

Photos # 5 & 6, show our group of 13, sitting at a round table in the restaurant, which is located looking over the Gulf of Mexico

Photo # 7, shows a sketch of Ron Berry, which was done at Joan's house, while we were eating dessert.


The second group of photos I received, was from Bruce Christopher:

(Please click on thumbnails below, for a larger view of each photo.)

Photos From Bruce Christopher



Photo Descriptions

1. Our cake, which matched our coasters favours.

2. Dave Bowden and Marge at our house.

3. Denny R. and Mel on the couch at our house.

4. Ron Berry holding up his caricature sketch.

5. Denny holding his sketch.

6. Barb Welch holding her sketch.

7. Bob Welch holding his sketch.

8. Helen holdling her sketch.

9. Mel Marshall holding his sketch.

10. Dave Bowden holding his sketch.

11. Marge Bowden holding her sketch.

12. Kathy Christopher holding her sketch.

13. Shows the artist doing his work.

14. Bruce Christopher holding his sketch.

15. Ron Abrams holding his sketch.

16. Phyl Abrams holding her sketch.

17. Joan Higham holding her sketch.





Please click on the thumbnails below, to see larger photos:

Photos From Joan H
019 020 021 022
023 024 026 027
028 029 030 031
032 033 034 035
036 037 038 039
040 041 042 043
044 045 046 047
048 049 Denny President Thumbnail  


Photo Descriptions

#019 - Shows how the cake is matched up with the "Class of '57, The Class of a Lifetime" coasters.

#020 - Our class in front of the limo. bus.

#021 - Another view of our class in front of the bus, ready to head to lunch.

#022 - At our round table, in the restaurant, with the Gulf of Mexico view.

#023 - Again at our table - our waiter took these 2 photos, so we all could be in the picture.

#024 - On the bus, either going to the restaurant, or on our way back home.

#026 - Bob Welch having his caricature sketch drawn.

#027 - Artist Rich. sketching Bob.

#028, 029, and 030 photos show the table here, waiting for dessert.

#031 - Our group waiting for dessert.

#032 - Kathy Christopher holding up her caricature picture.

#033 - Rich. drawing Bruce Christopher.

#034 - Another view of Rich. drawing Bruce.

#035 - At the table, for dessert.

#036 - Ron holding up his drawing.

#037 - Denny holding up his drawing.

#038 - Bruce holding up his drawing.

#039 - Kathy holding up her drawing.

#040 - Marge holding up her drawing.

#041 - Mel holding up his drawing.

#042 - Phyl. Abrams holding up her drawing.

#043 - Ron Abrams holding up his drawing.

#044 - Helen Marshall holding up her drawing.

#045 - Barb Welch holding up her drawing

#046 - Dave Bowden holding up his drawing.

#047 - Bob Welch holding up his drawing.

I would just like to insert here, that in this group of photos, Rich. took the above photos
of the classmates holding up their drawings.

Photo # 032, and then # 036 through # 047.

#048 - A picture of the pretty Cardinal bell, which Denny brought to me when he arrived.

#049 - I tried to show the drawing of the little Dachshund dog, which Rich. drew
on my caricature cartoon. But it shows much better on the actual drawing.

Denny President - The artist showed the words "Class President" on Denny's sketch.