MINI 2018

**In attendance were:

  • Phyllis Abrams
  • Ron Abrams
  • Bruce Christopher
  • Kathy Christopher
  • Joan Higham
  • Barb Ryan
  • Barb. Welch
  • Bob Welch



Our (tiny) class get-together -

Feb. 12th, 2018 -

It was unusually small this year -
unfortunately, there were several who were unable to attend,
due to reasons beyond their control.

However, we did have Bob and Barb. Welch,
Barb. Ryan, Bruce and Kathy Christopher,
Ron and Phyl. Abrams, and myself.

We went on a boat ride at Clearwater Beach,
and had a lunch buffet there.

Several of us went up to the open top deck, 
and saw the pretty view 
of the beautiful Clearwater Beach, and Gulf of Mexico water.

It was very windy, up there - but good weather, thankfully!

After that - We went on a golf cart,
and rode around the roads, 
pretty much in the same area as we had the little cars,
last year, in the Clearwater Beach area.

Our thanks to Bruce and Kathy for driving the cart!

Please click on the thumbnails below, to see a much larger view:

******** ******** ******** *******
******** ****** ******  

A quick description of the photos:

These were taken on Feb. 12th, 2018

Joan H. contributed these photos.


1. Our little group, before we boarded the bus to Clearwater Beach

2. Inside the bus - Ron Abrams, Phyl Abrams, Bruce Christopher & Bob Welch

3. Same as above

4. At our table, inside of the boat, waiting for lunch.

5. Same as above

6. Again , same as above, with a slightly different view

7. On top deck of boat - Barb. Ryan, Bob Welch, & Barb. Welch

8. On top deck, - Barb. R., Bob Welch, Barb. Welch, and Joan Higham

9. Barb. Ryan and Bob Welch

10 Our table, back at the house in N.P.R. before it was fully set.

11 Our group at the table

12 & 13 - As the place setting, each person had a pen, with their name printed on it, and when you pushed down the top of the pen, a light lit up under their name.

14 - A close-up photo of the cake - fully edible - the decorations are actually Oreo cookies, covered with white icing, and edible rolled designs on the top.




Bruce and Kathy Christopher contributed these photos.

Thank you, Bruce and Kathy!

Please click on the thumbnails below, to see a larger view:




1st row:

1 - The 8 of us in front of the bus: Left to right: Bruce Christopher, Kathy Christopher, Ron Abrams, Phyllis Abrams, Barb. Ryan, Barb. Welch, Bob Welch, and Joan Higham

2 - Barb. Welch and Joan Higham

3 - Barb. Welch and Joan Higham

4 - Barb. Ryan

2nd row:

5 - Kathy Christopher, Barb. Ryan, Barb. Welch and Joan H.

6 - Phyl. and Ron Abrams

7 - The 2 Barbs.

8 - Ron A., Phyl. A. and Barb. Ryan

3rd row:

9 - "Welcome Class of '57" cake - vanilla with fresh strawberry filling

10 - Dessert table - You can see the green pens, as favors, for each person - the pens had the person's individual name on them, and there was a light under the name, when the end of the pen was pushed, their name (and title in the class) lit up.

11 - Bruce Christopher, Barb. Ryan, Barb. Welch, Bob Welch, Joan Higham, Phyl A., and Ron Abrams (Kathy took the picture.)

We had cake, ice cream cones, fresh strawberries, "Reddi-whip" whipped cream, chocolate candy, candy hearts, coffee and a few other beverages.