MINI 2019

In attendance were:



1. Phyllis Abrams

2. Ron Abrams

3. David Bowden

4. Marge Bowden

5. Bruce Christopher

6. Kathy Christopher

7. Joan Higham

8. Helen Marshall

9. Mel Marshall

10-Barbara Ryan

11-Barbara Welch

12-Bob Welch



Before Boat Ride


From left to right -

Ron Abrams, David Bowden, Marge Bowden, Bruce Christopher, Joan Higham, Phyllis Abrams,
Kathy Christopher, Barb. Ryan, Barb. Welch, Helen Marshall, Bob Welch, & Mel Marshall.

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On Feb. 15th, we had our little class get-together:

We all met, at Joan's house in New Port Richey, Florida at about 9:30 AM.

Our bus arrived shortly before 10:00 AM.

We had our photos taken, before we loaded the bus.

Limo Bus Front

From left to right --

Ron Abrams, Phyl Abrams, Helen Marsall, Mel Marshall, David Bowden, Marge Bowden,
Barb. Ryan, Bob Welch, Barb. Welch, Bruce Christopher, Kathy Christopher and Joan Higham.

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The day before the get-together,
I picked up the cake which I had ordered,
with a lemon filling.

Below is a photo of that cake:

Original Cake

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However, when I got the cake back home,
it was just a bit too large to put into my refrigerator.

So - I dashed to the drug store and purchased 3 bags of ice.

I put the 3 bags of ice on the washing machine,
a beach blanket under those,
and the boxed cake with a large transparent plastic bag around that.

Soon - the ice started dripping all over the floor.

After mopping it up several times,
I decided to enclose the 3 bags with a huge plastic bag.
Seems like that did the trick, and it was not dripping any more.

The next morning, I was afraid to open the laundry room door,
thinking there might still be water all over the floor.

So -- I just opened it a crack - and yippee! No water on the floor!

Then - I opened the door wider -


The cake had come off of the washing machine,
and was on the floor, up side down!

Below, is a photo of the cake still in the box,
with the plastic bag around it,
upsidedown on the floor.


Cake  fallen

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This is the morning of the get-together,
and the guests were to arrive very soon.

I hurried up and dashed down to the bakery,
got another small cake, and had them finish decorating it.

Below is a picture of the replacement cake:

Replacement Cake

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We all loaded the bus, at about 10:00 AM, and went to Clearwater.

Boarded the boat "Starlight Majesty".

We had 2 tables, each for 6 of us.

Ordered what we would like for lunch,
and a few of us had drinks.

Basically, the food was good.

After the boat cruised around the inland waters,
and came back to the dock,
we all boarded the bus again,
and came back to Joan's house.

We had dessert, which consisted of
cake, ice cream, fortune cookies,
strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate candy.

I had a new record player,
and played a very old original "Elive Presley"
record on it.

Actually, our only entertainment was
each other - chatting with our long time friends,
and enjoying our Comradery.


The pictures below, show us inside the bus.

Kathy and Bruce on the boat's upper deck,
some of us enjoying the sunhine
on the couches of the upper deck.

The table at Joan's house,
as well as the statue of talking Elvis,
the juke box prop, and the record player.


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The photos above, were contributed by Joan.

The photos below, were contributed by Bruce and Kathy:



Thank you, Bruce and Kathy



The images below, were contributed by Bob and Barb -

What a great job!

Thank you soooooo much!

I greatly appreciate your helping with the pictures.

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My thank you to all of the classmates
who took the time and effort to join us all,
and participated in the many ways to make the get-together, a fun time for all!