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The photo below, is the "Don Cesar"
at St. Pete. Beach, in Florida.

Also known as "The Don", and "The Pink Palace"


Don Cesar Hotel


You can click on the photo below, for a larger view:

Ready for the tirip!

From left to right:

Ron Abrams, Phyl Abrams, Mel Marshall, Helen Marshall, Barb. Ryan, Barb. Welch, Bob Welch,

Dave Bowden, Marge Bowden, Bruce Christopher, Kathy Christopher, Denny Randall, Betty W., and Joan Higham.


On Monday morning, on Feb. 17th,

a group of our Class of '57, arrived at my house, (Joan).

We all gathered inside the house,
and they all had a little favor box to open -
which had their personalized ID pins inside of it.

We all put our ID pins on.



After that, we boarded the limo. bus, by 9:45 AM.

We did the usual routine, and had our picture taken,
in front of the limo.

Off we went for a little over an hour drive to St. Petersburg, Fl.

Our very nice driver, "Brett" drove us right to the door,
of the "Don Cesar" at St. Pete. Beach.

We had to wait inside, while their restaurant workers,
hurridly shoved several table together.

(They did have instructions to do it in advance,
however, in all fairness, we did arrive early.)

It happened to be "President's Day",
so we were handed a special menu,
which included a brunch or lunch choices.

Actually, since it was only about 11:30 AM,
most of us had a breakfast.

After we finished eating, we all went outside a door,
which was attached to a little boardwalk,
out to the sugar sand beach, and then the Gulf of Mexico.

None of us wanted to get sand all over our shoes,
so we did not venture to out on the beach.

Bruce led the way, and we found our way back to the bus pick-up door.

The limo. was already waiting for us.

Headed back to New Port Richey -
a little over an hour away -

We arrived, and Barb. W. and Phyllis Abrams
immediately began helping me in the kitchen,
to get the dessert on the table.

They both helped with the drinks, the cake,
serving the ice cream, coffee, even the ice cubes,
among a few other things.

(Thank you, ladies.)

The guy (entertainer), came (early) to take each classamate,
one at a time, into the other room,
to give them an analysis of their handwriting,
mixed in with some "Psycic" attributes.

It was all in fun, of course.

I might add, that at some point,
we all pushed the little switch,
which was at the bottom of our drinking glasses,
and our glasses lit up green -
they had 3 settings - Fast flash, slow flash and steady green.

(Green of course, because green and white are our class colors.)

Well, I guess that just about wraps it up.

Most had a long drive back home,
so they left with quite a bit of daylight left.

Really, I certainly feel very fortunate to have happened to be
in our great "Class of '57"

And my thanks to all of you who helped to make this get-together
a happy one!


The photos below were graciously submitted to me,
to use on our class site, by both Bruce and Kathy Christopher.

They took these photos right from the beginning of our party,
to the very end.


The first group of photos below, are NOT thumbnails to click on,
they are, the actual size of the photos, which were sent to me.




1. All 14 of us in front of the limo. bus

.2. Phyl, Barb. R. Joan, then Ron, Bob, Barb. W.

3. Same as above

4. Dave and Marge Bowden

5. Bob and Barb. Welch

6. Phyl and Ron Abrams

7. Joan and Barb. Ryan

8. Joan

9. Mel and Helen Marshall

10 Denny Randall and Betty W.



The group of photos below ARE thumbnails,
so you may click on each photo to see a larger view:

Again - our thanks to Bruce and Kathy,
for submitting them to us!

1. Kathy & Bruce Christopher

.2.Our group, after eating at the "Don"

3. The "Don Cesar" (The Pink Palace)

4. Our group in front of "The Don"

5. Heading to the bus, for back to New Port Richey

6. Back home, waiting for dessert

7. Our cake

8. Holding up our drinking glasses which lit up green (Weedsport color)

9. (Same as above)

10 Entertainer/ handwriting analysis, for individual interpretations.




The photos below,
were contributed by Joan Higham -

All are thumbnails,
so you may click on a photo,
to view a much larger size:




1. Our group in front of the limo. bus before leaving for the "Don".

.2.Inside the bus - pretty lights, and even a little bathroom.

3 Same as above.

4. At the Don, waiting for lunch.

5. Same as above.

6. Waiter took this photo of us.

7. In the bus, heading back home.

8. Same as above.

9. Table at home.

10. Same as above.

11. Barb. Welch serving the ice cubes.

12. Bob Welch, Betty W., and Denny Randall.

13. Barb. Ryan, Mel Marshall and Helen Marshall.

Our class really enjoys getting together, even after all these years. (63)

Our 'main" reunion is at Weedsport, in June, where we have the majority of our class attend.

But we are fortunate enough to have some of our class as snow birds, or permanent residents in Florida,
to be able to have a little additional get-together during the winter month.

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