This is our page for our Mini 2022 reunion

Left to right:

Barb. Ryan, Joan McDeid, Joan Higham, Phyl Abrams, Ron Abrams, Kathy Christopher, Bruce Christopher, and Denny Randall

...........................................Our little get-together was on March 2nd, 2022

We went out on a boat, which we had all to ourselves, other than the necessary crew members.

This was at Clearwater Beach, Florida.

The bus arrived at about 9:15 AM at our house here in New Port Richey, and the driver took some photos of us.

The bus driver drove us to Clearwater Beach, where we boarded our boat at about 11:00 AM.

We brought sub sandwiches along, for us to eat on the boat. We all had our monogrammed thermal totes in which to keep our sandwiches cold.

Happily, our great photographers, both Bruce and Kathy, snapped several photos of us, including a few, VERY close-ups of Dolphins!
They were jumping so close to our boat, that possibly you could have reached out an arm and touched them. At least it seemed like maybe you could.

After the 1 hour trip on the boat, we disembarked, and the bus was waiting for us, to take us back home.

It was probably only an hour ride back home, on the bus, and when we got back, 'Elvis" (our talking poster, when you walk into the door) greeted all of us.

Also, we had the moving lights to the (poster) juke box, on.

Our desset table had personalized juke box refrigerator magnets, on our plates, to show the seating.

Our dessert mostly consisted of cake, ice cream, chocolate covered strawberries, green Pistachio cookies, cashew nuts and "Trailmix".

Denny played a few songs on his harmonica, and we all sang. It was plenty early to sing a "Happy Birthday" to Bruce, but we all did. Also we sang "Weedsport, alma mater" to the tune of "Juanita".
We chatted for a while, before the party broke up.

I'm so very glad we were able to have even a SMALL get-together this year, and didn't have to entirely skip.

..........................It's ALWAYS a treat to get together with our "Class of a Lifetime" ----

......................................We are so fortunate to be/have been, in such a great class.

The thumbnails below, are pictures taken by Bruce & Kathy Christopher -

They did a GREAT JOB! (As usual). THANK YOU, BRUCE & KATHY!

Click on the thumbnails below, to see larger views:



The photos below, were taken by me - Joan H.

You may click on the thumbnails below, to see the larger views:


Wishing ALL of our "Class of a Lifetime" classmates,
a very happy, and healthy rest of the year!

My thanks to the ones who took the time and effort to attend our little get-together in Florida this year.


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