Our 50th Reunion

( Updated July 1, 2007)

The date of the banquet, was June 16, 2007

(Additional activities were also be held on June 14th, 15th & 17th)

See photos from our 50th celebrations:


Our tentative schedule:

Alert! Rally Info:
All of those participating in the RALLY need to be sure to bring their 1957 yearbook. 
The answers to many of the clues are in the yearbook.

Also --

Alert! Golfing --

Millstone Golf Course is avail. on the 16th.  No tournaments.  Tee times not avail.
You just show up.  Shouldn't be much wait.
You may be able to get more details from Fritz.

Meet at Green Shutters at 7:00 PM. Order from menu

We have the use of the American Legion Hall all day--
Connie, Sue, Judy & Barb will handle refreshments.
Denny R. has taken care of the hall rent.

We will hold a combo road rally/scavenger hunt from 10:00 AM to approximately 12:00 noon

Rally Info:
All of those participating in the RALLY need to be sure to bring their 1957 yearbook. 
The answers to many of the clues are in the yearbook.

Lunch at Legion Hall

The President of the Old Brutus Historical Society and the Village Historian
(that would be Denny R. and Jeanne Baker respectively)
will give a guided tour of the museum on N. Seneca St. from about 1:00 to 3:00.
Jeanne is the older daughter of Prof. Lampman.

At 5:00 we will meet at DeVaney's Restaurant (the old Riverview) for a buffet dinner.
The dinner will be held under their big tent on the dock.
Eventually we will have to give them a head count.
Dick Brown is handling the dinner.

Unfortunately the golf match will have to be scratched,
as Marlin Hutton has scheduled a tournament for the day at Meadowbrook.
Burt also checked with Cato, but they too are booked for a private affair.

Alert! Golfing Info.:

Millstone Golf Course is avail. on the 16th.  No tournaments.  Tee times not avail.
You just show up.  Shouldn't be much wait. More details from Fritz.

Breakfast at Brenda's Diner (between Weedsport & Port Byron) for those who wish at 7:00 AM.
A private room is available for our use.

Lunch at the Legion

Jackson Street school tour by Elementary Principal Greg Hunter at 1:30 PM.
This will be Greg's last official duty since he is retiring.

Memorial Service for our deceased members at the Legion hall at 4:00 PM.
Phyllis Tierney SSJ and Barb Welch are coordinating this program.
We still need volunteers:
We need help setting up the Memorial Service.

We need people to snail mail or e-mail, either Barb Welch or Sister Phyllis Tierney,
and let them know, if he/she would be willing to say a few words (brief message of about 3 minutes)
about the (deceased) classmate.  THANKS!!  

You can also ask for any suggestions/comments classmates would like for the service. 
Please send that info to Sister Phyllis Tierney OR Barb Welch.

High School tour at 5:00 PM --- hors douvres and reception for the banquet at 5:30 PM.

Alumni Banquet at 7:00 PM.
Roast beef dinner by the Weedsport United Methodist Church.
We will be doing something different this year--after the dinner in the cafeteria,
we will pass to the newly refurbished AIR CONDITIONED! auditorium for the program itself.
One of the highlights this year will be the newly created WCS Alumni of Distinction award,
which will be presented for the first time that night.

Reception at Randall's following the banquet.

Sunday 6-17
Brunch at Springside Inn (Owasco Lake) at noon.
Arrangements by Barb Ryan.

The committee has decided to collect $50.00 per head.
This will include dinner at DeVaney's, Brunch at Springside
and something to help Dick Brown defray the cost of the updated yearbook.
If there is anything left, it will be added to the scholarship fund.
Sue has completed and has framed the beautiful pastel of Cross Lake ,
which will be raffled for the scholarship fund.
If you have not yet kicked in, please send Alicia a donation for this worthy cause.
(Scholarship Fund.) http://www.joanhigham.com/Scholarship/Scholarship.html
Burt Ward is handling our nameplates which will bear a likeness
as it appeared in the yearbook.
The Alumni banquet mailing will be done separately from the Alumni Committee,
so reservations must be made through them.

Hi Everyone - The reunion is coming upon us quickly!

At this time, we are requesting that you send in $50 per person for the following:

$20 - for the buffet at Devaney's on Fri. night (drinks extra)
$20 - for the brunch at Springside on Sun.
$10 - for refreshments and supplies at the legion, for supplies for the yearbook Dick Brown is working on, etc..  Any money leftover from this, we will donate to the scholarship fund.

At Bob Leonardi's on Thurs. night, we will select from the menu and pay at that time.

The alumni assoc. will be sending out forms for reservations for the banquet on Sat. night, requesting payment when the forms are returned.
Please send a check for $50 (per person) made out to "WCS Class of 57"

Judy Lofft
P.O. Box 536
Port Byron,  NY, 13140

Thank you, from the Reunion Committee

* You only need to pay for the events you will be attending.


If you have not received your Banquet Letter yet,
you can just print out the form below,
and read it.

(Click below and then print out the Banquet Letter)

Click to read or print out

You need to mail in your reservation
by June 2nd.

Click on Reservation below:

Click and Print

Print, fill out and mail it to:

Weedsport Alumni Association
P.O.Box 764
Weedsport, NY 13166

American Legion Post 568
P.O. Box 767
Weedsport, NY 13166
Warren Carpenter, Commander (315) 834-9753

American Legion Building on S. Seneca St.

(Directions per Judy Lofft)

The legion is very easy to find. 

It's right on South Seneca St. -
kiddy corner from the Catholic church. 

It is a house and used to be right next to the church,
but when the new church was built, they moved it across the street. 
You know where Dr. Prock (Judy Kappasser bought his house)
used to be - on the corner of South Seneca and Van Buren St? 
Legion is either 2 or 3 houses up the street. 

I'm sure we will have balloons or something out!!!!

Here is a list of classmates,
who sadly, have departed:

Steve Baran
Joseph Compton
Bill Fillingham
Chuck Goodsell
Ed Maitland
Ann Marie Ryan
Bob Steinman
Joyce Stevens
Harold Surdam
Diane Wolford

Need a ride?

From Syracuse Airport to Weedsport,
On Friday, the 15th --
Ron has been very considerate to offer his services,
to drive classmates who arrive at Syracuse Airport
on Friday, somewhat near the time his plane comes in,
(anticipated about 9:40 AM), to Weedsport.

In his own words:

HI, I found a way for me to get to the reunion on Friday mornin.....I will be flying from San Diego to Newark NJ  on a redeye leaving SD at 10 and getting into NY at 6 and then out from Newark to Syracuse at 830 and getting into SYracuse at 9 40  ....I am renting a car there so if someone is coming in around that time and dont want to spend the money for a car..... I can hang around or someone can wait for me.....and ride to the 50th with me

Gee -


More notes from Denny R.:

I believe it is waaaay to late for these things listed below, now -
Hope many of you took the opportunity to mail photos in. :-)

Please go through your archives and dig up any old photos and send them to Connie:

Connnie Bolton
4410 Heritage Dr., SE
Liverpool, NY  13090

for the video which will be produced by the school government class.  All photos will be returned.  Original photos, or digital copies can be used.  Photocopies, or printer copies cannot.

Questions for Connie?
e-mail her:

Dick Brown is in the process of sending out queries for the 50th anniversary copy of SPARKS .  Please return them with photos as soon as possible as there is much work to do in compiling and printing this project.
Please get back to him in a timely fashion
as there is considerable work to be done to accomplish this

Questions for Dick?
e-mail him:

Or phone:

Alicia Procino has sent snail mail copies of our tentative agenda to individuals who either do not have internet access, or check it infrequently. Don't forget to get your donations in for our SCHOLARSHIP FUND , to Alicia

Alicia Procino
50 Wilbur Ave.
Auburn, NY 13021

Make check out to TD Ameritrade. 

Sue Guszcza has volunteered to do a pastel of Cross lake  and Denny R. will donate a copy of his coffee table book for a raffle to benefit our scholarship.  Chances will be $5.00 and will be sent out with the general Alumni mailing in January, or February.  If anyone else has anything that they would like to donate to the cause, let us know. Denny's phone # 315-834-9475


Judy Lofft

Checked on some of the hotel-motel accommodations,
and wrote this note below:

Hotels/Motels for reunion - First of all, I was quoted the following rates,
but after looking some of them up on internet, I found there were better
rates available.  Lady at Holiday Inn said you could get the best deals by
booking on the internet.

Auburn - Holiday Inn - No blocks available for this weekend. 
Room rates would be 134.95 less any discounts (AARP, AAA, etc.)                         

Super 8 Motel
- 79.99 less 10% if 6 or more rooms were booked.  

Inn of the Fingerlakes -( All rooms are non-smoking )
1 bed - 99.99
2 beds -119.99
If 9 or more rooms were  booked
- 89.99 and 99.99

Weedsport - Days Inn -     145.00      If 8 or more rooms were booked - 99.00
Best Western - AAA rate - 1 queen bed - 99.00
2 queen beds - 110.00                  315-834-6623

( All the rates above, are plus tax)

The 50th Planning Committee consists of:

Ron Berry

Connie Bolton

Dick Brown

Judy Lofft

Denny Randall

Barb Ryan

I would like to suggest, that we have some of the classmates take photos,
with digital cameras, both still and moving, and then after the reunion is over with,
have a person compile them all together, on a DVD, so we each can have a copy of one,
to view and keep at home. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Joan H. (May 29, 2006)

Springside Inn:

CLICK for more information

Click above photo for the Springside Inn Web Page - or click the URL below



Dick Brown has offered to put together a 50th yearbook.

Please send your photos to him:

Richard ( Dick and Judy ) Brown
33 Seneca Parkway
Auburn, NY 13021
Phone # 315-252-1933

Some of us locals, Alicia, Dick Brown , I ( Denny Randall ), and others have a plan.
Actually it was Alicia's idea and I think it's a great one!

As everyone knows, the WCS Alumni Assoc. has for years
awarded several scholarships annually to deserving seniors. 

Alicia had the idea of "taking up a collection" among ourselves
between now and our 50th anniversary in 2007
and making a substantial presentation from the class at the alumni banquet in honor of our 50th.     
Please help this worthy cause,
and at the same time enhance the prestige which the Class of '57 already enjoys
by sending a donation for the '57 scholarship fund to Alicia, at:  

A.A. Procino
50 Wilbur Ave.
Auburn, NY 13021
Checks should be made out to TD Ameritrade,  Memo  WCS 57

You can view a chart of progress HERE:

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