Class of '57 - Our 54th Reunion - Which took place on June 17th, 18th, and 19th -

Friday, at the Hollywood Restaurant:

In attendance, were:

Alicia, Barb. R., Bruce, Burt, Denny R., Denny S., Dick, Gary K., Janie, Joni W. J., Judy L., Phyl A., Ron, Rose, Sister Phyl., and Sue:

Holly01 Holly2 Holly 3 Holly 4 Holy 5
Holy 6 Holly 7 Holly 8 Holy 9 Holly 10


Sat. - lunch - At the Legion -

I heard it was very good ----- I have to get more info. -

Denny R. made stuffed shells, Chicken Picata, Hoffman's hot dogs, baked beans, and assorted relishes. 

Connie made desserts, including cupcakes, brownies, and little cherry-topped cheesecakes.

In attendance were:

Alicia, Barb. R., Bruce, Burt & Carol, Connie, Dan & Becky, Denny & Nancy, Denny S., Dick, Fritz, Gary & Dolly,

Janie & Lee, Joni J. & Cliff, Judy L., Ron & Dale, Rose, Sister Phyl, Sue, and Gordie stopped in, a little later in the afternoon.

Legion 1 Legion 2 Legion 3 Legion 4 Legion 5 Legion 6 Legion 7
Legion 8 Legion 9 Legion 10 Legion 11 Legion 12 Legion 13 Legion 14


Sunday, Brunch at Springside Inn -

In attendance were:

Alicia, Barb R., Bruce & Kathy, Burt & Carol, Connie, Denny & Nancy, Gary & Dolly, Janie & Lee, Joni & Cliff, Judy L., Ron & Dale, Rose, and Sue -

The class of '58 also joined us, as they did last year, with 10 people.

Spring 1 Spring 2 Spring 3 Spring 4 Spring 5 Spring 6 Spring 7

The above 3 groups of photos were sent to me by Ron Berry, to share with the class --- THANKX, RON! ThumbsUp2


We hope to add more photos, (I have been promised), and information about this reunion, as soon as we receive those.

If YOU have any, and you are willing to share them, please send them to me, (Joan) - thank you.


Classmates who attended the banquet:

Alicia, Bruce, Connie, Denny R., Joni J., Judy, Ron, Sister Phyllis and Sue


Also ---- Please send in your ideas for the next reunion - 2012

# 55 - The "Double Nickel" -

Nickel Nickel

Please have the suggestions sent to  Judy, Connie and/or Denny Randall:

Judy -

Connie -

Denny R. -


Denny mentioned that it would be impossible to pull this off every year, without the help of others.

I believe that the (Planning) committee consists of Judy, Connie, Alicia, Burt and Denny.

One thing that we are already looking into for next year, is a change of venue. 

The American Legion has been very gracious to us for several years, giving us the key, and letting us do as we will for the weekend,

but the second floor bathroom facilities are simply too much for some of our people to cope with. 

We are looking for similar arrangements on a one floor basis.

I believe the dates MAY be June 15th, 16th and 17th -

But please stay tuned - those dates have not been written in stone yet.


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