55th Reunion!!

Nickel Nickel

Welcome Class of '57!

All that planning paid off - we had a MAGNIFICENT TIME!

On this page, (which was used previously as the 55th PLANNING page),
(The Party's Over) SadSmiley

And now - we are "Movin' On" - Mosey Along

This will be the page to tell of the events we had, and photos "to Prove It"

Group Photo 2

In the back row: Gary, Gordie, Bill, Dick, Denny R., Burt, Dan, Barb R, Judy L, Phyl T., Fritz, & Ron.

In the front row: Joan H., Charlene, Sue, Connie, Joan W. Jones, Stell and Judy K. Smith

Absent from the photo -

There were several more classmates who attended our 55th events,
but were not here for this photo -

They include:

Barb. & Bob Welch, Denny Salisbury, Barb Melvin Martino, Alicia Rosecrans Procino,

Allen Parker, Donna Rawley Kotas, Bruce Christopher and Phyl. D. Abrams.

The Auburn Newspaper showed a photo of our class, which was in their Sunday, July 1st Newspaper,
and also on-line at the link below:


You can click on the photo, in the on-line newspaper, to see a larger view.

Thank you for sending the photo in to the newspaper, Denny. Clapping hands


The "kick-off" of events, was on Friday, June 15th, at the Masonic Lodge,
where several of the classmates met, before going to the next event shortly after,
which was held at Devaney's.

Decorations were put up in the lodge by Connie, Stell, Barb. R., and Judy L.
(They looked great!!)

The "55th" banner was put up outside by the "3 B's" - Bruce, Bill and Burt.
(Thank you Sue, for the great banner!)

We were so fortunate to have perfect weather for all of the events,
and the majority of the class ate pizza, cheese, crackers etc.
as we enjoyed chatting with our classmates, at Devaney's outside, under the tents.

In addition to our own classmates, we also were happy to have 2 members from the Class of 56, join us -
Willy Lippoldt and Joan Dudzinski McDeid.

It was great to see them, again, also.

After Devaney's, several of us "extended the evening"
by going back to the Lodge.

The next day - Saturday, the 16th, several of us met again at the Lodge,
where we had a great Continental breakfast and then the "Road Rally".

(Read more below)


The Road Rally was planned by Barb. and Bob Welch - Who did a super job -
And the "race was on", the morning of Saturday, June 16th.

Before we all started out, we all got our energy up, by chowing down on a wonderful continental breakfast,
which had a wide variety and choice of foods, including fresh fruits, hot muffins, bagels, cheese,
cream cheese, yogurt, cereal, milk, coffee, hot chocolate, - so many things, I can't remember them all.
Quite a delicious spread, for sure, and presented in a beautiful way.
All was graciously served by Barb. and Bob, right before we went on to the Road Rally.

Some of the photos below show our continental breakfast,
and the participants of the "Road Rally".

The decorations in the room, were done by Barb. and Sue,
before the breakfast and Road Rally,
including the wonderful banner Sue made for us,

(Click on thumbnails below to view a much larger photo.)


The photos below were sent in by Sister Phyllis Tierney -

They are photos of one of the teams on the "Road Rally"

The last 4 photos were taken at our Brunch, on Sunday, June 17th, at Springside Inn.

(Click on the thumbnails below, to see a larger sized photo)



After returning from the Road Rally,

(the winners of which, were: Ron Berry, Sue, Connie & Stell),
each participant of that winning team, was presented with a stuffed elephant decorated with a green ribbon).

Denny R. served a great lunch buffet at the Weedsport Masonic Hall:

BBQ Chicken, tossed salad, mac. & cheese, rolls, several drinks,
beans & franks, (Denny has a name for this dish - said it used to be served for lunch when we were in school,
and back then, was made by Mrs. Goodsell), artichoke hearts, rice & mint filled grape leaves.

The lunch was delicious and enjoyed by all!

Thank you Denny!

Connie contributed 2 cakes which she made for this occasion.
One was a delicious chocolate cake with cherries in it, and the other was a pumpkin spice cake.

Thank you, Connie!

After the lunch, several of us went to the Weedsport Museum.

Denny ran a film which was taken many years ago, by Mr. Lampman,
who had the foresight to take individual pictures of our active servicemen in their uniforms.
The photos were taken in Weedsport, after having served their country, or while home on leave.

Many names were recognizable, as well as a few faces, such as Mr. Beryle, the gym teacher.

It was very interesting.

Lottery/Raffle - to assist our "Sunshine Fund".

We held a lottery drawing at Springside Inn, during our brunch there, Sunday, the 17th.

Bruce won first prize, and Judy L. won the second drawing.

The winners had their choice of books, which were written by our classmates -

“Little Lilli & Willy Live Here”.

Written, and artistically painted drawings, by Sue.

Or -- If you preferred -

“American Museum of Firefighting”.

Written by Denny R., which includes many outstanding photos throughout the entire book.

This lottery sure made the SUNSHINE FUND a LOT healthier!

For the raffle, we earned: $363.00

Great big thanks to all who contributed!

Here are some late-arriving photos - Contributions of Phyl and Ron Abrams:

Please click on the thumbnails below, for larger views:



I hope to post more photos on this page, when/if folks send them to me.

Judy Lofft kept tract of some of the statistics for us:

No. of Class of '57 who attended - 28
Total who attended at least one event - 38 (includes 2 from Class of "56)
Lunch at Lodge - 28
Devaney's - 31
Springside - 22

Here is a list of names, of classmates who attended at least one of the events:

Phyllis (& Ron) Abrams, Bill Babcock, Ron Berry, Connie Bolton, Dick Brown, Bruce (& Kathy) Christopher, Charlene Hepner Corfield, Sue W. Guszcza, Joan S. Higham, Dan Jeffers, Joan W (& Cliff) Jones, Donna R. Kotas, Dave Keel, Gary Kenyon, Judy W. Lofft, Barb. M Martino, Marcella Navarro, Allen (& Ruth) Parker, Alicia Procino, Denny (& Nancy) Randall, Barb. Ward Ryan, Denny Salisbury, Judy K. Smith, Phyllis Tierney, SSJ, Burt (& Carol) Ward, Bob & Barb. Welch, and Gordon Weller.


Judy L., Alicia, Burt, Bruce, Connie, Barb R., and Denny R.,
worked on the plans for our 55th class reunion this year.

MANY classmates contributed their hard work, time, and talents,
to make this special reunion a magnificent success!


Shaking Hands