Class of '57, Reunion # 56

We had a GRRRRRRRRRREAT time!!!


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(Last up-dated on 6-22-13 -- See 2 new sets of photos near bottom of page.)

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Classmates in this photo:

Front row: Danny Jeffers, Bruce Christopher, & Dick Brown

Middle row: Judith Smith, Sue Guszcza, Lorna Sande, Connie Bolton, Alicia Procino & John Bankert

Back row: Burt Ward, Denny Randall, Joan Higham, Rose Taylor, Marci Navarro, Judy Lofft, Sister Phyllis Tierney, & Barb Ryan


Classmates of '57 in attendance of at least one event, were as follows:


Barb. R





Dave K.

Denny R.

Denny S.

Dick B.

Joan H.


Judy L.

Judy S.








Our first event started off on Friday, June 14th,
at the Masonic Lodge in Weedsport.

Denny R. cooked, and catered, us a wonderful dinner, which we all enjoyed:

Cornell Bar B Q Chicken
Weedsport F. D. Baked Beans
Eddie's Fish Fry Macaroni Salad
Cameron's Bakery Snowflake Rolls
Hinerwadel's Grove Salt Potatoes
Fruit Bowl - Fresh strawberries & W. cream
Assorted Relishes.

Connie made a marbled, decorated cake "57" , which was delicious.

There were also appetizers made for before the dinner, by Connie and Marci -

WONDERFUL!! Thanks for those, also!

I want to add, that Denny had many "little elves" who helped in the kitchen, setting up tables, etc. -

Which included Judy L., Connie, & Marcie


A photo of a few of us at the Friday night dinner at the Lodge -

By the time I took this photos, obviously the buffet table had already been mostly cleared off.

However, I have been promised better photos coming up soon .....

Friday Night at the Lodge
Friday Night at Lodge


Friday Night at the Masonic Lodge
Chatting at Tables Happy Group Later Friday Night


After dinner, Denny Salisbury treated us with some very pretty music,
playing his guitar,
and even taking requests - then Denny Randall joined him with his trusty harmonica,
and several of us sang songs from "The Good Ol' Days" -

Click on thumbnail below, for a larger view of photo:

Two Denneys


The Music Men
Guitar Harmonica
HarmonicaAndGuitar GuitarAndHarmonica

It was fun!

Later, more games, chatting, laughing, and just enjoying being together again.


John Bankert brought a box of his hand crafted beautiful wine stoppers and pens -

We all enjoyed the gifts from him - such a talent! Perfectionist!!

We thank you SO much, John!

(John drove all the way from Florida to Weedsport!)


Some of our classmates put the "Class of '57 - Class of a life-time" banner up,
which Sue designed last year.

She, and with the help of a few other classmates,
changed the number "55" to read "56" - so the banner would read "56th Reunion".

Click on thumbnail below, for larger view:

Banner Only


Banner Photos
Banner Revision Baner Revision 2

We hope to change the # 56 to read # 57, for next years's get-together,
as it will be our "57th" Reunion for the Class of "57".

On the banner this year, Denny R. put a (paper) photo of each of us on the banner,
which he had cut out from the 1957 (Sparks) yearbook.

It took him 2 books to do so, since many of the Sr. Class photos were back to back on the pages.


We missed Ron Berry, who was unable to attend this year -
Judy L. brought a card in to be mailed to Ron, and we all signed it while at the reunion.

We wish him well, and sure do hope he will be able to join us, next year.


See photos taken while at the Masonic Lodge, Friday night:

More photos have been promised to me - please check back later ----

Line Green

Saturday - June 15th

Brunch at the Lodge
Brunch at the Lodge


Brunch Sat AM At Lodge
Brunch Weedsport Brunch Sat AM Weedsport Lodge Sat AM Brunch at the Lodge

What a wonderful way, to start to the day -
and a beautiful day it was, too, with lots of sunshine!

Brunch was created by Marcie & Connie -

The selection was:

Cheese souffle, sausages, toast, fruit, cereal, orange juice, coffee,  
And Marcie made a delicious coffee cake.

Again, there were other classmates, helping out in the kitchen etc.
Our class works as a TEAM!


Many classmates were greatly saddened by the recent loss of Lorna's mom - she sure was loved by many.

Lorna's husband Carl - told us all affectionately, a story which actually happened,
as they were caring for Lorna's Mom -

Lorna's mom had an electronic device, by her bed, and pushed the button,
during the nights, when she needed help to get up -

And of course Lorna or Carl would be glad to do so, and helped her to where she had to go.

This went on for several days/nights.

After the very sad loss of Lorna's Mom,
Carl was chatting with his neighbor next door,
and found out that every time Lorna's Mom pushed that button,
(which would be several times a night),
the neighbor's garage door went up and down - (All night long.)

How embarrassing to find that out -

What a kind - (and a good sport) - neighbor they have!


Oh - Lorna brought her cute little doggie "Buttons"
for us to see at the lodge - although I'm not sure if that was Friday night, or Saturday AM.

See the cute little guy below:



Saturday afternoon, at about 1:00 PM -
Several classmates went to the Weedsport Museum,
(Old Brutus Historical Society)
and Denny R. showed us around the interesting displays.

If you EVER want to know anything about Weedsport's past -
You can ask Denny Randall, or Penney Schoonmaker Cosentino -
And I bet they will either know, or will try to find out, the answer for you!
Including some geneology.

So MUCH information there.


Later that afternoon, around 5:00 PM, most of us went to the WEEDSPORT ALUMNI BANQUET:

The Invocation was given by Rev. Louise Tallman, '63, Barb. Welch's sister

The dinner was prepared and served by Norita Lofft Balloni, '67,
(Owner of JB's Catering)

I felt it was very organized this year, and things really zipped right along.

I believe we had 18 classmates there, and there were 3 tables for us.

After a hot dinner, many of us went to the auditorium.

It was very interesting, and things again, as did the meal, zipped right along.

The speaker, Shaun O'Connor, who is the school Superintendent
told us of what great ratings the Weedsport School has,
compared to other schools:

Weedsport's graduation rate for 2011-2012 was 94.6%.

By comparison, Auburn was 72.8, Cato-Meridian was 82.1, Jordan-Elbridge was 83.7,
Moravia was 92.4, Port Byron was 75.3, Southern Cayuga was 90.7 and Union Springs was 87.1

Again - Weedsport was "tops"!

I am trying to get some of the additional, impressive statistics,
which Mr. O'Connor stated, at the banquet, to report here on our page.

Weedsport still is, as it always has been, a super-good school.
We were so fortunate to go there.

Several scholarships were awarded, also, to some classmates,
of the newly-graduated class of '13.

One graduate from the Class of '54, came up to the podium,
and gave a speech - A VERY impressive man:


(LaVerne Wallace)
News of Districtwide Interest

The Weedsport Central School District was pleased to announce the following honoree for its Graduates of Distinction program.

This honoree was recognized at the Alumni Banquet on June 15, 2013 for having distinguished himself
through his contributions to his community and/or profession over the course of his career.

The inductee is LaVerne F. Wallace, Class of 1954.

LaVerne Wallace


The people in the auditorium stood up for him. Very respected.

Next year's banquet is scheduled for June 14, 2014


After the banquet, most of us went back to the Masonic Lodge,
and munched on some tasty goodies.

We chatted more, and some played board games, etc.


Line Green

Sunday, June 16th -

Last event of the 3 day reunion -

Brunch at Springside Inn -

I will have to get the info. and photos from other classmates,
because I was unable to attend.

We had 13 actual classmates, and a total of 16 in our group.


One of the classmates was wearing a lot of clothing which was the color yellow,

and someone mentioned (jokingly) that she looked like "Big Bird".

Well, the next event, "Big Bird" showed up, mask and all!

Big Bird

(Am I allowed to reveal who that might have been, Connie??)


Well, "The Party's Over" - until next year --

(Our 57th reunion for our class of '57)

(Probably the weekend of June 14th, 2014)

The Partys Over

After the brunch Sun., several of the classmates went back to the lodge and cleaned up the kitchen, etc. ....

Denny R., Nancy, Connie , Marcie, Judith S., Bruce, Burt, and Judy L.

It was nice of you all to chip in and help - Thank you! Thumbs up

Bruce called Ron B. while they were there, and they each chatted with Ron for a few minutes. 

  Ron was glad to hear from them.


The photos below, were submitted by Sue.

Please click on the thumbnails below, for larger views:

Set One of Reunion Photos by Sue


Set Two of Reunion Photos by Sue


Thank you Sue, for sharing the photos with us - Which you took on your beautiful, new I-Pad! Thumbs Up

A few of the photos are blurred, but I thought it was better to even see a few blurred photos,
rather than none at all.


Please click on thumbnail below, for a larger view
and a somewhat larger schedule, which we used as our schedule of events.

reunion Schedule



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