Welcome, Class of 57!

Our 58th Reunion

(June 19th, 2015)

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Our 58Th Reunion Weedsport

The ABOVE photos were contributed by Joan Higham

The first photo above, shows Denny S. generously playing his guitar, at the American Legion. Thank you, Denny Salisbury

The second photo through the 11th photo, shows our class at the American Legion - (eating again)

Photo # 11, shows part of the wonderful breakfast made by Connie & Marcie, which was very tasty - our hats off to the cooks, and our thanks to them for serving so many tasty things, especially the egg soufflé.

Photo # 12, shows Joni Wethey Jones, at Emerson Park. She was kind enough to drive me there. (Thank you, Joni!)

Photo # 13, shows a picture of the old Spier house in Sennett - I managed to snap the photo, from the car, as Joni and I were going by.

Photo # 14, shows Joni and I (Joan Higham), in front of the "Old Erie Restaurant".

I think the rest of the photos (in this group of photos, were taken at the "Old Erie Restaurant" also.



The photos BELOW, were contributed by Joan Ashby:


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58th Reunion


Photo # 1 shows Joan H., Sue, Joni J., and Sister Phyllis Tierney

Photos number 2, 3, 4 & 5, show the class with our hands over Denny's head, while Sister Phyllis said a prayer for him, and we all also sent him our very best wishes for his operation.

Photo # 6, shows our class banner being put up, by some of our classmates, at the Weedsport Alumni Banquet Sat. night, where we, once again, made the largest number of class members IN ATTENDANCE, to show up at this banquet, other than the class of 2015.

Photo # 7, shows a photo of Bruce and Denny Randall



The photos BELOW, were contributed by Ron Berry:



The photos above are the same size as I received them -

I did not make them smaller, however, I am glad to have them, and we THANK you Ron! Thumbs Up


Below, are 6 additional photos, contributed by Ron Berry - Thanks again, Ron!

The photos below are thumbnails -

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They were taken at the Alumni Banquet on Saturday, June 20th, 2015:

58th Reunion, Class of '57, Weedsport, NY



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