Welcome, Class of '57

(Updated 6-22-16)

And also, Class of '56! Smiley Clapping

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REUNION - 2016


Picture takers

If anyone has taken some pictures
of the reunion events,
I would be glad to post some of them
on this page.

Please send them to me:

Joan Higham




1957 Class photo:

Class Photo

The above photo was taken by
Dick & Ann Streeter's daughter -Kathie Meitz.

  She took '56's pics and then offered to take ours....
so very nice of her. 

Then, she went down to Kinney's
& had copies made for us! 

A big "Thank you" to her!!!

We thank her kindly,
for her thoughtfulness & generosity!


Our first group of photos below,
were contributed by Sister Phyllis Tierney -

We thank you Phyllis!

You can click on the thumbnails below for much larger views:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

Please click on thumbnail below, for a larger view:




Each year our class has a short memorial service in honor of our deceased classmates. 

Connie wrote and led us in a short memorial service that included prayers, a scripture reading from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, and the lighting of candles to represent each of our twelve deceased classmates. 

Denny Randall opened the service with a musical meditation played on his harmonica and Barb Ward led us in singing Amazing Grace at the end. 

The class of 1956 gave us a list of their deceased members, which Connie read so all of our members could be honored.


(Description above, by Sister Phyllis.)




Thank you, Bruce and Kathy!


Please click on the thumbnails below, for larger views:




1  -George Hammer (Gail Harding's husband), John Bankert, Denny Randall

2 - Denny Salisbury

3 - Kris Jorolemon, Fran Shepherd, Ruth Anne Witherell, Gail Harding Hammer

4 - Bruce, Connie, Judy L., Fran Shepherd, Ruth Anne Witherell

5 - Gail Hammer,  Mary Whitman, Sue

6 - Connie

7 - Burt Ward, Edgar Jorolemon, Phil Shepherd, Butch Witherell, Ned Whitman 


Again, many thanks to Bruce and Kathy Christopher for these great photos!

And also, a big thank you for giving identifications to the photos, Judy Lofft!


I was not able to attend the reunion this year,
so I will not be able to do a write-up about the events.

If I receive more photos, I will post them here.




Invitation to Class of 56


Class 57 Invitation