Below, we have some photos which were taken during our 61st reunion.

We all are so very proud, to have had 2 of our 'Class of '57" members,
Sister Phyllis Tierney, and Pres. Denny Randall,
elected as:


Phyllis Tierney Denny Randall

We DO have the tape of Phyllis's speech:


Below, is a photo of our class,
which was taken at the Alumni Banquet in the audotorium:

Class of 57 - 2018

(You may click on the photo above, for a larger view.)


Also - you may click on the thumbnails below, for larger views:

Phylllis at Podium Denny Randall at Podium Phyllis Joan Class of '57 - 2018

ALL of the above photos were taken by Joan Ashby.

She took MANY photos during the entire 3 day event -
and had hard copies printed out for us.

They were ready by Sunday AM!

They are beautiful photos - we thank Joan Ashby, EVER so much!

Good job!


Since I am just writing this from memory,
I hope the information is correct.

I wish I had taken notes actually.

So MUCH went on, during our 3 day event.

If you DO see anything which is NOT correct,
please let me know right away.

I will appreciate it.


Joan H.


The celebration of our 61st reunion,
kicked off on Friday evening, June 15th, 2018,
at about 6:00 PM.

We all met at the Masonic Temple,
where we were presented with an array of appetizers,
which proved to be very tasty, and decorative also.


A really superb job, Connie - thank you!

Appetizers by CONNIE


Several beverages were available, too.

It was great to see classmates again,
which many of us had not seen in over a year.



Saturday, the 16th, about 11:00 AM,
again at the Masonic Temple,
a delicious lunch was served, by caterer DICK NUHN.

There also was a beautiul cake,
which was ordered by Connie, from Wegman's in Auburn,
and brought to the get-together by Alicia.

The cake was in recognition of our selected classmates,
Phyllis and Denny R.



You may click on the 2 thumbnails below, to see a larger view:

Weedsport Graduates of Distinction Pamphlet June, 2018
Phyllis and Denny Phyllis & Denny, Graduates of Distinction



About 1:00 PM,
we had a beautiful memorial service,
for our Class of '57 classmates,
who sadly, had passed away,
which was headed by Bruce and Kathy.

There were about 14 classmates memorialized.

There were photos of the 14 classmates,
on display, on the table with the candles.

Bruce did a super job, of heading that service.
and several of our classmates participated
with brief, generally light-hearted recollections
pertaining to the particular deceased classmate.

In the background, Kathy had a recording,
playing soft music.

The songs were:

1-“No More Night” by David Phelps.  

2-“Home” by Mark Lowery.

3-“My Child Is Coming Home” by David Phelps

Also - a bell was rung, by Connie, for each name called.
And a candle had been lit, for each classmate memorialized.


Pretty much immediately, after that service,
there was an acknowledgement of our 2 classmates:
Sister Phyllis and President Denny Randall,
who each had been nominated as "Graduates of Distinction".

David Bowden did a superb job,
in acknowledging our recognition of Sister Phyllis.
Dave mentioned that the Pope was supposed to do it,
however he was "busy" so he asked Dave to do it.

Dave mentioned several things which Phyllis has done,
unselfishly, doing the Lord's work.

After Dave, Sue also gave a little speech,
mentioning many things Phyllis has accomplished.

They both did a great job!

Then the acknowledgement fo Denny R. -

Janie - who always does an amazing job,
spoke of the many highlights, which Denny has accomplished,
mostly mentioning the town of Weedsport,
which he has done seamlessly, over the years.

And he continues to do so.

BOB Welch also spoke of severeal things,
to add to his recognition.

Our class gave both Phyllis and Denny,
special pencils and engraved pencil holders.

BARB. WELCH did the footwork on that,
and brought them to our reunion, beautifully wrapped.

They were excellent choices.



Denny Randall = Historian   (Smiley design pencils)

Sister Phyllis  = Peace & Justice  (Gold foil design pencils)

Acrylic clear pencil holders: 


They had their name at the top
with a big "D" for Denny's and a "P" for Phyllis   
below that was Class of '57 
and below that Graduate of Distinction in 2018.

The photo below shows Phyllis's pencil holder.

Pencil holder

Quote from Phyllis:

"Many thanks to all for the great honor and wonderful event!"

Quote from Denny:

"Please include in your next bulletin,
my gratitude to all of my classmates of a lifetime,
for all they did to honor me so. 

I still can't believe it.



We had up on the wall, our Class banner,
which was Sue's idea - 10 years ago!

We have used it every year since.

But this year, Sue had the idea to
ADD to it - the wording:
"Graduates of Distinction, 2018",
and in addition, the 2 photos, of Phyl. and Denny,
which were taken from our 1957 Yearbook!

Sue's idea, - however, --Alicia made it happen.

Alicia picked up the banner from Bruce  in Weedsport,
(Thank you for storing it for us, Bruce)
and did the work of making it happen.    

Alicia went to the shop that is now located near her in Auburn
and did the work of having it printed
using our 1957 yearbook Senior Picture photos.

The designer created it, so it could be connected to the original banner.  

It was flawlessly done on time for our celebration.

I, Joan, must toot my horn a tiny bit,
since it was my idea to get a photo of both Phyl. and Denny,
in front of the banner.

Banner Phyl and Denny


In addition, to the special pencils and pencil holders,

Our Sunshine Club

Sunshine Club


gave a check in the amount of $100.00 each to -

(the charities of their choice)

Denny - "Old Brutus Historical Society"

Sister Phyllis - "Catholic Relief Services"


Sue contributed $108.00 to the
Weedsport Scholarship Fund,
from the proceeds of her artwork,
which she sold over the weekend.

Very nice, Sue!


Saturday evening, several of us attended the Weedsport "Alumni Banquet",
which was held at the school.

After we signed in, and went into the main room,
there were many selections of vegetables,
dips, crackers, cheese etc.
along with several types of beverages waiting for us.

We all were congregating at the tables,
greeting others who attended, from other classes.

Denny's son, Mike Randall,
was sitting at the table with Denny.

Mike handed out some magazines to us,
"Toy Trucker and Contractor"
which he contributes many articles to.

(Click thumbnail below, to view larger size)

Toy Trucker Magazine


This is the Dec. 2017 issue.

His article is entitled "Great Toys During Hard Times".


You can read some of his article, at the above link.

Here is what the magazine writes about Mike in this issue:

"This Month's cover, of Toy Trucker
& Contractor depicts "Christmas
1937", as New York collector Mike Randall
shares some of the rare & unique
toys in his collection. Here, he spotlights
some of his favorites, starting with the
classic toys featured on the cover from
1937, when the United States was in the
midst of an economic downturn during
the Great Depression."

MANY very great photos
of these toys, in this issue.

Thank you Mike,
for the great magazine!


Dinner was served, cafeteria style.

Ham, turkey or beef, salad,
along with potatoes, gravy, string beans,
and I don't remember all of it.

There was cake for dessert.

After dinner, we went to the auditorium.

We had a photo of our class taken on the bleachers there.
The photo shows Denny and Phyllis in the front row, center.

Both Sister Phyllis and Denny Randall
gave interesting speaches, in the auditorium.

We are so proud of them.


Sunday, the 17th

We went to a lovely brunch buffet
at Brenda's Diner in Port Byron.

It was there, where most of us said our "good-byes"
for possibly another year.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

It was a WONDERFUL reunion.

VERY well planned.

Thank you to so many of the classmates
who worked hard, to make it happen -
and to go right!

Even before the reunion, all sorts of plans have to be made.
The reservations, letters sent out for the invitations,
food decisions, and ordered, money collected, etc.,
and the rooms ready for us, tables set up,
decorations put around, all kinds of things.

Then after the reunion ---- can they relax?

Heck no! They have to pick up all of the tables,
clear out the refrigerator, clean the rooms -

it really IS lot of work!!!

Our class thanks each and every one of them -

You all did great!

Good Job Smiley

Planning committee:

Connie, Judy L., Alicia, Denny & Barb. R.


You may click on the thumbnails below, for much larger views:


61st Reunion Photos


More photos, contributed by Sister Phyllis -

Thank you, Phyllis!

(You may click on the thumbnails below, for a slightly larger size.)

Photos by Phyllis Tierney


Class of 57 Invitation



Our class of '57 are all very proud
of Sister Phyllis and President Denny!

Again - our congratulations to them both!



Our Thanks to Bruce and Kathy for storing the memory box for us.

57 Box of memories

And they also stored the banner.

Thank you!




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