Welcome, Class of '57!

July 3rd, 2019


Hi, class -

We had a good time at the reunion -

all 3 days were great!

It was great seeing those of you who were able to attend!


The first of our festivities, was kicked off on Friday night.

We met at "Devaney's Riverside Grill",
at 6:00 PM, Friday the 21st of June, in Weedsport.

In attendance, were:

We all individually chose a selection from their menu -
and everybody was pleased with their food.

You also could help yourself to anything on their salad bar.

We all enjoyed chatting together.


The next day, Saturday, June 22nd,
we had the Masonic Tample for the entire day,
and an array of things which we did there.

The first event for the day, was a wonderful luncheon.

We had:


  • Cornell Chicken
  • Salt Potatoes
  • Macaroni & Cheese
  • Baked Beans
  • Cole Slaw
  • Pickles
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • Rolls & Butter
  • Cake


Denny made the beans & pickles, Judy made the fruit bowl,

Connie made the cake,

The Cornell chicken, cole slaw, salt potatoes and macaroni & cheese
were provided by Auburn Poultry,
which is owned by Denny's former neighbor and Weedsport alumnus,
Lance Walters (Ardyce Partelow's grandson)

Everything was delicious!


After we finished eating, we had a memorial service,
for passed classmates,
mostly concentrating on Joni Wethey Jones,
who was the most recent loss for our class.

Feb. 10th, 2018

Joni Jones

We sat in a circle, and one by one,
each of us told of a little remembrance,
we have of her.

We ALL miss her.

Bruce was in charge of that event,
and did a magnificent job.

(Thank you Bruce.)


A few hours later, we went to the Alumni Banquet,
at the Weedspor Jr. Sr. High School.

On each table, they showed the Treasurer's Report.
along with other information.

Denny noticed that our Class of '57,
contributed the highest amount
for the Scholarship Fund.

Treasurer's Report - 2019:

I'm not certain how many were counted,
for our class attendance at the banquet.


  • Alicia Procino
  • Barbara Ryan
  • Bob Leonardi
  • Bruce Christopher
  • Burt & Carol Ward
  • Connie Bolton
  • Danny
  • Denny Randall
  • Denny Salisbury
  • Jack & Joan Ashby
  • Janet Hughes
  • Joan Higham
  • Judy Lofft
  • Marcella Navarro
  • Phyllis Tierney


After dinner, we went into the auditorium,
and listened to the presentations.


Sunday - June 23rd, 2019

A few of us had enough time to stop by
at the Aqueduct, in Centerport,
on the way over to the brunch at "Brenda's Diner".
You can see some photos of that, below.

Our last get-together for this year,
and we hated to say "goodbye".

We met at Brenda's Diner for a brunch/lunch buffet:

In attendance were:


  • Alicia Procino
  • Bruce & Kathy Christopher
  • Burt & Carol Ward
  • Connie Bolton
  • Danny
  • Denny Randall
  • Denny Salisbury
  • Joan Higham
  • Marcella Navarro
  • Phyllis & Ron Abrams
  • Phyllis Tierney


The food was really great,
but the time went fast, and we had to say our "Good-byes".



62nd Reunion



In our "Weedsport Alumni Association" phamphlet this year, 
they have 2 photos showing our classmates.

Photo # 1 - 2018 - Graduate of Distinction Honorees: Denny Randall, and Sister Phyllis Tierney

Photo # 2 - Class of '57 at the 2017 banquet. (Our 60th Reunion)

This is the hard copy which the Weedsport Alumni Association
mails to us.


Below, are 3 sets of photos.

These were contributed by:

Sister Phyllis Tierney, Phyl Abrams and Joan Higham:

All of the photos below are thumbnails,
so you may click on them and see a larger view of that photo:

First group of photos were sent to my by Phyllis Tierney:



1 Through 5 - At the Masonic Lodge on Saturday

6 Through 10 - At the Alumni Banquet Sat. night



Thank you, Phyllis, for taking the photos and sharing them!


The next group of photos were taken by Phyllis Abrams:



All the photos were taken at Brenda's Diner, Sunday.

(Except the last one - which was taken at her house.)


Thank you Phyl, for taking and sharing these photos!


The next group of photos were taken by me ( Joan Higham)

Please remember - all 3 sets of photos here are only the thumbnails.

Click for larger views:

*******(No Photo)*******

46 -


#1 - Shows one table of the scrumptious luncheon we had, at the Masonic Temple on Saturday

#2 - The very cute dog statue collection which Phyllis Tierney brought to us, to find some homes for them.

#3 - 5 - Taken at the Masonic Lodge Saturday afternoon

#6 - Pretty cake which was made and decorated by our cake lady, Connie. (Tasted good, too!)

#7 - 23 - All taken at the Masonic Lodge on Saturday

#24 - 26 - Photos taken through the windows of the new lingerie shop - which USED to be "Whitman's Hardware Store".

#27 - 29 - Weedsport Banquet Sat. night

#30 - 40 - Joan H., Phyl. Abrams and Phyllis Tierney at the Centerport Aqueduct Park. *

#41 - 46 - At Brenda's Diner in Port Byron

Aqueduct definition:

* An aqueduct is a long bridge with many arches , which carries a water supply or a canal.



Please me know if you see errors.

Thank you -

Joan H.




Invitation Celebrate


Invitation for our class to join the class of '56 per James Lippoldt:

7-28-19 date of their reunion -


The date that works the best (Last Sunday of July -7-28-2019) 

Plan is to gather at Springside Inn @ 11:00.

As in the past, we always enjoy members of the Class of 57 joining us.

(By copy  to Joan Higham, I request you pass the invitation to your class.)

So we can have some idea of our group,

please respond back to me at jimlip13@gmail.com or 315-488-0230,

or Joan (Dudzinski) McDeid @ 315-689-9476.

Thank you, James