Due to the Coronavirus Infection Pandemic, we were not able to have our typical yearly class reunion.

Instead, we had a "ZOOM" reunion, which was headed by Sister Phyllis Tierney.

Several of us connected to "ZOOM", on Saturday afternoon, of June 20th, 2020

Of course, this was only part of our class, but we had fun doing it,
and it was great to be able to chat with our classmates, and to be able to see them as well.

We managed to snap a few pictures, of the computer screen, but I have never done that before,
so you will certainly notice, there is room for improvement.

However - I hope these photos, will give you the idea of what it was like.



1. Sister Phyllis Tierney

2. Joan Higham

3. Judy Lofft

4. Esther kirchheimer

5. Barb Welch & Bob Welch

6. Bob (Chink) Morgan

7. Bruce Christopher

8. Pete O'Hara

9. Sue Guszcza

10.Denny Randall used audio only.


The 11 of us, represented 5 different states:

1. Phyllis, Judy, Bruce, Pete, Denny and Sue -
all represented New York State.

2. Joan Higham represented Florida

3. The Welches (Barb & Bob) represented S. Carolina

4. Bob Morgan represented Nevada

5. Esther represented California


In photo #2, you can just barely see the yellow lamp in the background.
My son Dave made that for me, way back when he was going to Weedsport School.
I don't remember what grade he was in.

Here, below, are the first 2 snapshots taken when just getting on "ZOOM" -
You can see on my photo, Pete and Sue had not connected yet.
The telephone represented Denny, who connected by audio only.

You can click on each thumbnail below, to see the larger views:

(Photo #1 taken by Bruce, and photo #2 taken by Joan)


Many of us, were "newbies" on the "ZOOM" and Phyllis really helped us a lot.

All in all, we did pretty good, I think.

Most of us chatted with each other, and mentioned some of the things which are going on in our lives.

Many had very interesting things to tell -

Chink mentioned how it was to live in Las Vegas, and how he used to have a pawn shop.

If any of us had questions about "Weedsport" ------ we of course, asked the "Weedsport Historian" Denny Randall, our president.
He is practiaclly like an encyclopedia for the town of Weedsport.

It's almost like "don't go to Google - go to Denny"!

Sue knew a lot of people in town - she was the one who made up the class motto: "The Class of a Lifetime" --- so appropriate.

She also quickly held up 2 of her paintings. But it happened so quickly, I couldn't get a photo of them in time.

Esther - so fun to chat with her - she kind of kept the ball rolling with conversation, I feel.

Barb and Bob are enjoying the weather now, in S. Carolina, which isn't as humid as Florida was.

Judy had been in touch with Carol Golamb Rhoades - Carol has lived in Pennsylvania for quite a while now.
She is living in something like assisted living, and apparenlty doing quite well, and is happy there.

I can't remember all of what was said - it was all I could do to try to take photos.

Pete had interesting things to say - what an interesting life he has had so far.

     "I started to use computers about 1970 and they were not 'user
friendly' at all. there were not many programs available, so most of the
time we had to write our own. That is how you learn what user friendly
is, when you are the user. Well after a while other people wanted to use
my programs and I got programs from my friends.  When you give a program
to someone else and they use it easily, you did a good job. Otherwise
you may get together to fix problems. All we wanted was good answers.
Now companies want to make money and the user may get left out of many
   I remember using some work from a company that was very hard to use
and someone asked me for my opinion.
I said that it was"written by a computer science person that never had
to get anything done".

*Pete added an extra note to this, which you can read right below:

    A little note about the pictures of Bob Pfiel and me in the Albany
Times Union. Bob was the Museum Curator and I happened to be in the
Museum when the reporter from the TU came in to do the story. So I
became the extra person that was available.

If you just google "Watervliet Arsenal G. P. O'Hara "

About the first 12 articles mention Pete, some with pictures.


Click on the thumbnail below, to see a larger photo:

He is known world wide as the foremost authority on "big guns"

We are proud to have him in our class.

Three of us wore our "WCS Class of '57" shirts.
Judy, Pete and myself.

It was Bill Babcock, who had an idea to have these shirts made - he had them made for us, and it worked out very well!
On the back of these shirts, we have our motto: "Class of a Lifetime', which mentioned above, Sue came up with that motto.
In addition to wearing the shirt, I, (Joan) printed out our banner with that saying, and taped it to the front of my shirt.

In the first photo up at the top of this page, you can just barely see these (tiny) white banners
which I taped to the tops of the black posters I put in the windows, to keep the sunlight out.
But they were way too small to read them in the background -
I needed Pete's HUGE PRINTER - where he can make HUGE printouts!

At the end of our ''ZOOM" reunion, which lasted about an hour and a half,
Denny took out his trusty harmonica and played "Weedsport Alma Mater" - Brings back memories!