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This is our 65th Class Reunion Page


The classmates who were able to attend our 65th class reunion, did so on the weekend of June 17th, 18th and 19th. I am showing a picture of the letter that Connie made for our class, which displays the places, events, and times.

Although I (Joan H.), was not able to attend this year, to my dismay, I have been able to collect some information from our co-operative classmates.

Denny Randall added this:

"Dan's son Jimmy Jeffers, was chauffering for his dad, Dan.
Similarly, Laura was driving for her dad, Gordie Weller.
I (Denny Randall), knew there was no piano at the Sennett fire hall so I volunteered to belt out "Juanita" on a 1924 Hoehner Marine Band harmonica.
It's worth noting that although our head count was way down, we still were second in attendance only to the senior class, who had 22 out of 57 present."

Connie added this:

"Friday night we went to Arnolds Restaurant in Auburn. Bruce & Kathy Christopher, Burt & Carole Ward, Judy Williams (Lofft), Connie Goodrich (Bates Bolton), Danny Jeffers, Denny Randall, Gordie Weller, and Carl Sande represented Lorna Jones (Sande). The service was great and the food was some of the best I have had. We talked and laughed and Bruce and Kathy invited us back to their house for cake. Of course many stories were exchanged and a good time was had by all. Kathy offered to have us come to their home for the picnic Sunday, as it was going to be cold - we took her up on that.

Saturday - the alumni banquet was at the new fire house in Sennett. Nice place and the food was really good. There were 9 of us, Connie, Denny R, Judy, Bruce, Danny, Burt, Barbara Ward (Ryan), Alicia Rosecrans (Procino), and Jack Ashby. It was air conditioned (it was cold out) only fault I found was the sound system was very poor but we managed.

Sunday - we had a bring a dish to pass picnic, the class provided chicken, and the rest we brought, potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, mac and cheese, cole slaw, and cake for dessert. We all chowed down and every one left with a little take home container.
Bruce, Denny R., Burt, Danny, Gordie, Barb Ryan, Connie, Judy, 8 of us. Kathy Christopher, Gordies daughter, Laurie and Barb Ryan's brother Bob Ward, joined us. Danny's son stopped in. Played lots of remember when, who and how.

We decided we think we would like to do the same type of weekend next year.

One thing I would like to say. We try real hard to include everyone and it sure would be nice if people would let us know whether or not they can attend, and which days. We only heard from 9 that said they were not attending. It may sound simple but to get together and decide is tough sometimes. So here's to next year."

Alicia wrote this:

"I did not go to the events other than the Alumni Banquet itself. So I cannot offer words to help. (The others will have to help.)

The Banquet went smoothly and our age permitted us to recall the Potter kids that grew up nearby, on Center St in Sennett. It is one of them that catered the Banquet, and bought Brenda’s Resturant on Rt 31 in Weedsport. Another family in the same area was Sevier’s. The mother passed away two days before the Banquet, and was the mother of Sheila Sevier O’Connor (Alumni Officer) and mother-in-law to Superintendent Shaun O’Connor."

I asked some other classmates to contribute their thoughts from the reunion, but so far, I have not heard from them. Hope they will still write. All of our classmates are welcome to and encouraged to write something about the reunion.

.................................................I know they all had a wonderful time...............................................................



You may click on the thumbnails below, to see much larger views.
All of these photos were taken by Bruce and Kathy Christopher.

Our many thanks to Bruce and Kathy!

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The photos above, are compliments of Bruce and Kathy Christopher.

What a great job they did! We thank them sooooo much!



1. Denny Randall, Dan Jeffers, Barbara Ryan, Joan McDeid, (Class of '56), Jack Ashby, Joan Ashby, Burton Ward, Carol Ward, Alicia Procino, Connie Bolton, Judy Lofft, and Bruce Christopher

2. Denny Randall, Dan Jeffers, Barbara Ryan, and Joan McDeid, (Class of '56).

3. Gordie Weller and Judy Lofft

4. Denny Randall, Connie Bolton, Carol Ward, and Burton Ward

5. Carl Sande & Bruce Christopher

6. Joan Ashby, Burton Ward, Carol Ward, Alicia Procino, Connie Bolton, and Judy Lofft

7. Jack Ashby

8. Denny Randall

9. Denny Randall, Noah Hickok, (salutatorian), and Bruce and Kathy Christopher's beautiful (Graduating) granddaughter, Maddie Christopher

10. Barbara Ryan, Connie Bolton, Danny Jeffers, Bruce Christopher, Alicia Procino, Denny Randall, Jack Ashby, Judy Lofft and Burton Ward

11. Barbara Ryan, Connie Bolton, Danny Jeffers, Bruce Christopher, Alicia Procino, Denny Randall, Jack Ashby, Judy Lofft & Burton Ward

12. Our "Class of a Lifetime" banner.

13. Same as above.

14. Our cake - which was made by Connie.

15. Connie Bolton and Danny Jeffers

16. Barbara Ryan, Burton Ward and Carol Ward

17. Bruce Christopher, Judy Lofft and Gordie's daughter, Laurie.

18. Bob Ward (Barbara Ryan's brother), Denny Randall and Barbara Ryan. Denny is talking with Jimmy Jeffers, (class of 1987), Dan's son.

19. Connie Bolton and Danny Jeffers

20. Gordie Weller, Danny Jeffers, Barbara Ryan, Connie Bolton, Judy Lofft, Bruce Christopher, Burton Ward & Denny Randall

21. Gordie Weller, Danny Jeffers, Barbara Ryan and Connie Bolton