Marge and Dave's trip to:

Marge and "Bowdy" went on a vacation this summer (2006)
to Germany and Austria.

Here are a few of the photos which they took on this trip:

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We traveled overseas to Germany and Austria. Did a tour of both.
It was a wonderful trip and saw so much it is hard to remember everything and try to straighten out our pictures once home.
We stopped in many cities, saw loads of churches, palaces and castles.
The churches there are amazing and so-so old, and beautiful paintings.
We did see Ludwig's castle along with the many others.
Something that just amazed us was how St Andrew Church stood with all the ruin around it during WWII.
That had to be a God miracle to have that survive as it did.
The weather was beautiful the whole time, in fact, very-very hot which they usually don't have.
Dave and I walked six hours around Berlin in 98 degree weather.
That was interesting as we could walk between East and West Berlin which could not be done before the wall came down.
We got to see everything though.
We also walked around many other cities but not that long.
We really liked Salzburg and saw the area of the Sound of Music filming 
Language was no problem as everyone speaks very clear English.
Menus were sometimes a problem to know what we would be eating, but all food was great and ate lots of ice cream.
This is just a quick sketch of what we did.



The above photos are only a small fraction of the beautiful photos they took.

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