Our Classmate Sue,
does beautiful artwork -

Update - April 2009 -

Sue has some of her artwork which is being shown,
and is for sale, in a little gift shop, now -

But --- she didn't say where.

(I will try to find out.)

Sue's art show:

A Harvest of Art of about 100 pieces, as well as reproductions of art,
was held at Beaver Lake Nature Center in Baldwinsville
on Sept. 29th thru October 25th, 2008

Note from Sue:

It was exciting to see so many single pieces I'd given away
or completed at different times, all matted and framed,
and together in a large great room gallery, 
with fireplace and great lighting for a whole month.....

Many people I have not seen in some time came.....
some did not come but all in all it was well worth it.  

I was able to generate 25% to Nature center
and $500 plus to the Guardian Angel Society
for eduation of inner city students.

Below, you can view some of the artwork,
which was created for Joan L's benefit, this past Summer.

Here you can view a series of 5 original floral pastel studies 
and one original floral oil painting, which were created
by our very talented classmate, Sue Guszcza

There was a benefit for Joan LaCasse, on April 5th, 2008.

These (original) paintings were graciously donated by Sue,
at the benefit, and were sold to the highest bidder there.

See descriptions of each painting, below the thumbnails.

Also want to mention, that these photos of the paintings,
are in a lower resolution than the actual painting is in,
and will not show exact colors of the paintings,
since each monitor displays a slightly different hue.
The low resolution is to prevent photo-copying of the paintings,
although obviously these photos do not show the great quality
which does show up in the actual paintings.

Five matted (white) and unframed 11" X 14"
Reproduced prints of floral pastel studies,
(pastel studies  are an art medium
used by many artists such as Degas),
Each of the five pieces is a reproduced print
of the original pastels.

Footnote from Sue:

Class -- Art makes great birthday, Christmas,
Anniversary etc. gifts, and you will be
helping our classmate most importantly!!!!

Here are the 5 Floral Pastel Studies:

#1Enlargement of Honey-Suckle (Pink Floral) #2Stella De Oro Daylily, Vertical


#3Lotus Flower Pastel Study #4Stella De Oro Daylily,  Horizontal #5*

(Please click on thumbnails above to see MUCH larger images -
when the first larger image shows up, click on THAT image again .)

Photo # 1 - Enlargement of Honey-Suckle (Pink Floral), 11" X 14"

Photo # 2 - Stella De Oro Daylily, (vertical), 11" X 14"

Photo # 3 - Lotus Flower Pastel Study, 14" X 11", Original

Photo # 4 - Stella De Oro Daylily, (Horizontal), 14" X 11"

Photo # 5 - *We do not have the photo for Photo # 5,
but it is an enlargement of a Shamrock Plant (Oxalis) with its tiny white flowers.

This (Shamrock painting) was done for Joan especially
because she was so proud of her Irish roots.

The ORIGINAL pastels, have glass, and Walnut-like frames.

Joan has reproduced prints of all the original pastel studies that were auctioned with frames.

Oil Painting

Oil Painting - Lotus Flower

(Please click on thumbnail above to see a MUCH larger image.)

Lotus Flower Oil painting, framed   20" X 24" -
(Dark, Walnut-type frame.)
Oil paintings do not require glass.

Here is a description in Sue's own words:

PHOTO above, is the 20" by 24" Oil Painting, framed
(walnut-like frame with inner narrow linen mat)
enlargement of lotus flower and pads in pond; 
not seen are sparkling dew drops on flower and pads
giving it a very fresh-pristine look.

Monet was the oil painting artist who painted many huge oil paintings of lotus and lily ponds.

If you are interested in any of Sue's artwork,
Please phone Sue: