A closer look at 3 photos on this page :
Judith S, Dave B, Ron, Diane, Joan H, Phyl A, Helen M, Barb W, and Bob Welch

Judith S., Dave B., Ron, Diane, Joan H., Phyl A., Helen M., Barb W., and Bob Welch

Helen, Mel and Dave Bowden - also you can see the back of Bob's head.  :-)
In the background, on the mirror,
you can see printed out photos,
which were the Senior Year photos,
taken from the Weedsport Yearbook -
My son David printed them out for us.
Barb Welch arrived a touch early for the party,
( which I had asked her to do )
and I put her to work right away -
she did the decorating --
worked out great !
Thanks again, Barb ! J

Ron sitting in the Party Doll !    :-)

Ron looks right at home, in the Party Doll !

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