Here are a few more photos enlarged :
Here Bowdy is, trying to UNDECORATE, so we could take photos.     :-)
Well, turned out, it was easier said than done !
Several of us tried to "undecorate" Barb's hard work -
but -- she did such a great job -
we thought we might have to hire a contractor for the job !!!

Anyway, Bowdie came to the rescue, and we finaly got it down.

I suggest that you never, never ask Barb to decorate for you -
unless you don't want it to ever come down !!

You did a  great  job !!

Dave Bowden ( Bowdy )    :-)
Here is a photo of Bowdy,
when Fred told him that he looked a lot like his dad did,
when he was a lot younger.
But in the photo of Fred's dad,
he was not smiling -
so to compare the photos,
Fred asked Dave to 'NOT SMILE" --

Well- Fred kept fussing with the camera,
on and on -
We all kept saying "don't smile -- don't smile"
and JUST AFTER Fred finally snapped the photo,
Dave BURST out laughing,
and I know timing is everything, -
it was just PERFECT timing  --
it was SOOOOOOO funny,
that we ALL just bursted out laughing also -

That was "neat", Dave !!

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