Welcome, Weedsport Classes of '56 & '57!

Below, there are photos which were taken at our events,
for our Class of '57's 60th reunion.


Banquet Photo 2017


Class of '57 - 60Th reunion - 2017


Row # 1 - Bill Babcock, Gordie Weller, Marci Jorolemon, Judy Lofft, Phyllis Tierney, Burt Ward, Alicia Procino, & Ron Berry

Row # 2 - Dave Bowden, Sue Guszcza, Joan Higham, Dan Jeffers, Barb. Ryan, Denny Randall, & Pete O'Hara

Row # 3 - Connie Bolton, Joni Jones, Esther Kirchheimer, Dick Brown, Janie DeNike, Bruce Christopher, & Denny Salisbury


In attendance, but not in the above photo, are:

Bob Leonardi, Jack and Joan Ashby, Ron and Phyl Abrams, Judy Brown,
Kathy Christopher, Marge Bowden, Darlene Babcock,
Carol Ward, and Barbara Spencer Collard.

(Some of the above names are classmates,
and some are spouses of our classmates.)

The photo above, was taken by Joan Ashby - thank you Joan!


Our Class of '57 - 60th Reunion - 2017
What a really special, and wonderful 60Th Reunion we had!
A grand celebration of our 60 years together, since our graduation back in 1957.
“Who knew” that our classmates would stay in touch, all of these years, or at least part of them, and then join in, to stay in touch again, after several years had passed by?
This year, we also had the honor of having some of the classmates from the Class of ‘56 join us -
They included: Jim Lippoldt, Edgar Jorolemon, (with his wife Kris), Phil Shepherd, (with his wife Fran), Penny Cosentino, and Butch Barrows, with his daughter Amy.
Our grand event, started out on Friday, June 16th, at the Masonic Temple in Weedsport.
First we celebrated with social hour, with a pretty full house, welcoming all our classmates, since most of us had not seen them, since our last reunion, last year.
The room was really buzzing with all of our chattering and giggling ---- such a happy time!
We were all graciously served a delicious dinner, which was prepared and hosted by our wonderful Class President, “Denny Randall”.
There were many things on the menu, including ham, scalloped potatoes, and many trimmings. We all enjoyed it immensely. Thank you, Denny!
During the evening, Bruce held up our new “Memory Box”, and explained that old copies of photos etc., will be put into it, for us to look over, each reunion.
Sue read one of Phyllis Drabel Abrams’ old poems, about our Weedsport School, which mentioned what was popular back then, and just lots of memories from long, long ago, which Phyl had written in the poem.
The next morning, Saturday, we all arrived at the Masonic Temple again, for a wonderful brunch which was basically prepared by Connie and Marci. They had assistants of Judy L., Alicia, and carol Ward.
And boy, was it ever good! Several hot dishes, sausages, different cakes, fresh fruit --- on and on ---- a wonderful brunch, indeed! Thank you so much, Connie, Marci, and ladies!
Gee – after that – we sure were busy – one event right after the other --
First --- Dave Bowden made a very nice presentation to classmate Sister Phyllis Tierney.
We wanted her to know how MUCH our class appreciates the work she has so unselfishly done, for so many years.
Dave presented her with a very pretty plaque, which is worded:
“We, the Class of ‘57, recognize the outstanding contributions Phyllis has made over the past half-century, to needy children, both in the US and foreign lands.
Her humanitarian efforts have made a difference to many. They serve as a model of selfless commitment to others, over personal comfort and gain.

Weedsport Central School,
Friends and Classmates,
60th Reunion, June, 2017”

Phyllis entered into a life of religious service within the Roman Catholic Church, and the Sisters of St. Joseph.
During the wonderful presentation, of which Dave did an absolutely terrific job ---- like a professional, really, Bruce recorded the event, so Barb. and Bob Welch,
would be able to hear it, since unfortunately, Barb. and Bob were not able to attend our reunion, this year, due to medical issues.
Barb. and Bob had worked on photos, and newspaper clippings, of Phyllis’s accomplishments through the years, and Dave Bowden brought the photos etc. up to Weedsport for them, and they were all put on a poster display, where Phyllis and all of us were able to view them, during the presentation.
Everybody obviously did their homework on this – it was very, very nice.

And Phyllis appreciated it all, very much.

There was a beautiful cake commemorating the work of Phyllis, and also in appreciation of our Reunion Planning Team.

Also – David handed out little “Service Pins” in the shapes of stars, along with hand written thank you notes, from Barb. Welch, to: Denny R., (he received a special 60 year pin), Joan H., Judy L., Barb. R., Bruce, Burt., Dick B., Alicia, Marci, Phyllis, Sue and Connie.
These notes and gifts were in appreciation of what they have done for our class. 
Also, we all said a prayer for 4 classmates who are in need of better health.
The prayers were for Denny R., Bill Babcock, Dave Bowden and Ron Berry.
Bruce started the prayer, then Phyllis T., Janie and Sue.
We truly hope these classmates will be healthier soon. Our thoughts and prayers, are with them.
Then, yet another event, with a little change of pace, here. Connie led a memorial Service, for our 1957 classmates who have passed away.
This was done in a very elegant manner, with lighting of candles, and their photos and names up on our board on display, during the service.
Several of our classmates told stories of memories of those classmates, and some were memories on the light-hearted side, which kept things on a little lighter note, which I thought was done in very good taste.

You can view the names and faces on some of our photos below.

Also, there is a photo of the program card, for that Memorial Service - the class in attendance was given a program card, and we were following it along, as Connie was giving the service. We all sang "Amazing Grace" together, with the words written on our pamphlets.

Connie made the memorium program pamphlets, herself. They were beautiful! You can see photos of them, in our group of photos. Very well done, - the ceremony was really done very nicely, by Connie and our participants. We greatly miss the classmates we have lost.
Connie did a great job ---- thank you, Connie.

Next – (Never a dull moment) – things just kept rolling along – There were more presentations to be made!
Janie was the perfect person to make the presentations ---- she did amazingly well!  She was just amazing to be able to stand up in front of the class, and make all those presentations – She did SO good – I think we should have PAID her!! Thanks, Janie!
She handed out 2 beautiful paintings, by Sue – Black and white – Polish Cut Art – Family Tree – Class of ‘57 – one was presented to Denny Randal, and one was presented to Joan Higham.
They are unique and lovely! On the paintings, were several of the class signatures, which will remain on the paintings forever. Very thoughtful.
Thank you Janie and Sue!
Most of us went to the banquet which was held at the school. We had a very tasty dinner, and then went to the auditorium, and heard the business meeting.
Before the meeting, they took a photo of us on the bleachers, with our green shirts on. That is the photo which you can see at the top of this page.
Sunday- June 18th, we all came back to the Masonic Temple. There, we had a lovely, catered lunch, consisting of pulled park, bratwurst and sauerkraut, cole slaw, baked beans, macaroni salad, potato salad, rolls etc. We all enjoyed it very much.
Well, gee – it is always sad to say “good bye” – for another year.
But I believe we all went back home to many wonderful memories, from our 60th reunion --
“Thank you” to each and every person who contributed to our class – and there are so many ways that you all do – our class really IS special -
So – until we meet again ------ Please take care, and my very best wishes to you all!
Joan Higham



The group of photos below, were contributed by Joan Higham.

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Our 60th Reunion
Service Star Pin
Sue  Cut-out      


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Class of '57 - Our 60th Reunion - 2017


Photo below contributed by Phyllis Abrams:


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60Th Reunion:


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Class of '56 ---

Below, there are a few photos showing the members of the Class of '56 who joined us.

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It was just eleven years ago -

Time flies, doesn't it?

Class of 1956 ten years ago

Possibly the classmate in question, might be Jim Sullivan.