Here are larger photos of the thumbnails, showing our group at Denny's Restaurant, which was across the street, from the Silver Springs Attraction:
Ron Abrams, Phyllis Abrams, Joan Higham, Fran Ryan, Jen Ryan and Barb Ryan. Jan 8, 2004
The waitress at the restaurant was kind enough to take this photo for us.
At this time, we were waiting for Lorna and Connie to arrive.
Which they did, just a few minutes later - ( Connie had "misplaced" her money at Lorna's house, so they were frantically running around Lorna's house, that morning, searching for the money.
And -- they found it !!    :-)

Ron, Phyl, Joan, Connie, Lorna, Fran, Jen and Barb - Jan 8, 2004

Here we are, all together - getting our "energy" for our adventure at Silver Springs.
Lorna was our fearless leader, and was our tour guide through the park.
It was a brisk, sunny day.

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