Scholarship Fund -

WOW!! Look at THIS!



Note from the "Prez."
(Nov. 29, 2007)

I am pleased to report that today
I have turned over to the WCS Alumni Association
the sum of $4057.57 in the name of the class of  ' 57.  

Whadda Class!!  

Thanks to all who participated in the project
and especially to Alicia
who handled the fund raising 
in the face of some very trying personal times. 

The Alumni Association typically gives
5 scholarships yearly totaling $2500.00 ,
so you can easily see how big an impact
a donation of this size helps the program.  

By the way, this is the second largest donation
ever received by the association
and by far the largest ever given by a class. 

Thanks again to all.   


$3557.57 check was presented to the Alumni Assn.
on banquet night -- (6-16-07)

However, that amount has increased to
$4,000.00 !!!!

This was above our wildest expectations!

I tell ya -- WHADDA CLASS! J

We have met our original goal of $2,000.00 --
and greatly more!! (Well, I would SAY SO!)

Thank you to those who have contributed to our fund. :-)
We certainly appreciate it!!


Here is a note from Denny R.,
written about July 15, 2007:

When we are said and done we will turn over to the Alumni Assoc.nearly $4000.00.  
The school and everyone concerned can't get over it. 
I've never been more proud.

Whadda class!!!  

Thanks again.   DR

Here is a note from Denny R.,
written about March 9, 2007:

Hi---The Alumni Association annually gives away (3) $500.00 scholarships
and one of $1000.00 for a total of $2500.00 annually. 
When we first started talking about this, we wanted to at least endow the fund for our 50th year. 
Actually, I (and several others)  wanted to give $5700.00 for the obvious reason,
but it was felt it was beyond our reach. 
I'm not sure how much the raffle will bring in, or how much more we can get by donation,
or Alicia's hard work with her penny funds,
but the more we get, the bigger impact it will make
and perhaps start a ball rolling to get other classes to do something similar
The $2000.00 dollar figure was just a guess, but we always hoped that we could do better.


If any of you feel you can contribute a bit more,
it would be greatly appreciated.

Donations to the fund should be made out to :

TD Ameritrade,   Memo  WCS 57

And please mail to:

A.A. Procino 
50 Wilbur Ave.
Auburn, NY 13021


(Original) note from our class Pres., Denny Randall :     

Some of us locals, Alicia, Dick Brown , I  and others have a plan.
Actually it was Alicia's idea and I think it's a great one! 

As everyone knows, the WCS Alumni Assoc. has for years
awarded several scholarships annually to deserving seniors. 

Alicia had the idea of "taking up a collection" among ourselves
between now and our 50th anniversary in 2007
and making a substantial presentation from the class at the alumni banquet in honor of our 50th.     

Please help this worthy cause,
and at the same time enhance the prestige which the Class of '57 already enjoys
by sending a donation for the '57 scholarship fund to Alicia at:  

A.A. Procino
50 Wilbur Ave.
Auburn, NY 13021

Checks should be made out to TD Ameritrade,    Memo  WCS 57

Letters sent out --

Alicia composed and sent out letters to several classmates
including those who may not see our web pages very often, or not at all.
There were approximately 36 letters,
which were mailed out on June 27, 2005.

I believe this is the wording Alicia chose:

Dear Member of the WCS Class of 57,
We are approaching our 50th Anniversary of our High School Graduation.
Recently in attempting to make 2007 a special year for our Class of 57,
a group of us who live in the local area met to brainstorm some ideas.
Included among these ideas was the thought
of a significant donation to the WCS Alumni Scholarship Fund.
To build the donation to a significant amount,
this Ďad hoc' committee decided to attempt to start a collection
among the members of our class
and to keep the fund separate until the Alumni Banquet in June 2007.

The WCS 57 Fund Account has been established
with the hope that most of the members of the class
would be willing to donate to this goal.
It would be wonderful if each of us could donate each year.

Denny Randall announced that the fund had been established on the Web Site.
( I'll bet that Denny never expected to be class president for 50 years!)

Some of you know that the web site
is ably managed and maintained beautifully by Joan Spier Higham.
If you have a computer and an online service,
you can see the announcement, and the newly added graph to monitor our efforts.
You can even add to the message board.

The address is:

New message board URL:

If you are able to join our efforts,
make a check out to:

TD Ameritrade, WCS 57

and mail it to me.

I will add the account number and forward it to TDA.

Alicia Rosecrans Procino

SUPER JOB, Alicia -
and it looks like your work is paying off !
SPECIAL THANKS for your time, thought and effort on this worthy project.

Please check back often, to see the most recent up-dates.