Sunshine Fund
(Up-dated Jan. 12th, 2023)


Balance, as of Jan. 10th, 2023 is $340.06


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Sunshine Fund Heart


For future contributions,

Please make your checks payable to:

"W.C.S. Class of '57 Sunshine Fund"

And mail to Barb. Welch at:

2072 Heritage Loop

Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577

Thank you!! J

Also, now both Connie and Barb. W. are on, (& have access to), the Sunshine fiduciary account.

Here's the latest From the Sunshine Committee:





January, 2023

Our class sent a gift card in the amount of $20.00,
to Marcella for groceries,
for her get well gift.



Our class sent a check in the amount of $50.00,
to Alzheimer's memorial for Lorna.


June 2022

Our class delivered a gift of dark chocolates,
to Gordie at his new residence, in Auburn.

We wanted to let him know,
that we all are thinking about him.



(July 20, 2021)

Our class sent Gordie and Stan Weller,
sympathy cards for the loss of their brother, Ray.

Also - Connie contributed a lovely white rose,
for the funeral serice of their brother, Ray Weller..



(July 2021)

Our class sent Denny a card with best wishes
for good results and recovery
from his recent heart DC Conversion.

Included in the card, were some lottery tickets.




Sadly, we lost our classmate Dick Brown,
on March 14th, 2021,
after he had put up a valiant fight
against many medical issues.

Our class has sent a donation to the
"Children's Shriner's Hospital Memorial Fund,
in Tampa, Florida."
We will be giving to one of Dick's favorite charities.
Dick was also a Mason, a group that also supports
Shriner's Hospital.
Dick's wife Judy, suggested this option.
Our thanks to our "Sunshine Committee"
for doing this as a commemorative for Dick,
from our Class of a Lifetime.




Dave is back in the Syracuse Hospital -

Our class sent him a yellow Carnation bud vase,
which was sent directly to his room,
from the hospital gift room today,
so he will know we all are thinking of him.




After Dave came back home from the hospital,
with several medical issues, including Covid 19, -
Our class sent his welcome home gift,
of a few puppy toys, for their new puppy "Coco".

They sent us a photo of Coco chewing on one of those toys.




Pete received many cards, e-mails and prayers,
along with a USB Flash Drive high speed memory photo stick,
as a get well gift from our class,
on his return back home, after having to stay in the hospital,
due to heart failure, among other things.

We certainly do wish him a speedy and complete recovery.




Lorna Jones Sande, and Carl (her husband),

were very much surprised when they received a gift certificate
to a local restaurant from the Sunshine Committee.

Lorna has undergone some surgery and physical therapy,
and is having a problem with her memory

We wish her a speedy recovery from her surgery.




Phyllis received a gift from our class,
commemorating her 60th Jubilee.

In addition to a card, she received an engraved tote bag.
It says her name, and wishing her blessings, on her 60th Jubilee,
with a cross and floral design.
It’s engraved on both sides of the bag.

We certainly do congratulate Phyllis,
and admire the fact that she has accomplished so much,
in 60 years, while working in the Catholic Church.




Phyllis received a gift card for "Wegmans" grocery store.

Phyl fell and broke her wrist, has it in a cast,
and we certainly hope it heals quickly.

Best wishes to you, Phyl!


Dick Brown


Dick received a gift card for "Wal-Mart",
in anticipation of his operation coming up,
scheduled for mid May.

We hope he has a very successful operation,
and a very good outcome, with a speedy recovery.


Joan Higham

(July 2019)

I received a very beautiful
personalized key chain memorabilia
of Li'l Rascal.

Also a lovely card.

I will hold them close to my heart.

I thank you all VERY much.



Bill Babcock

(May, 2019)

He had an operation for his gall bladder,
and at some time after that, he had bad chest pains.

He needed to have a quadruple by-pass.

He was in the hospital for at least 9 days.

We sent to Bill:

CD called "BE WELL" which is instrumental music (relgious )
and a little book of short quotes.

Also a very personalized card.



(May, 2019)

Connie had a knee replacement operation.

Along with a card,
we sent her a lovely little cosmetic bag,
filled with many little items,
and each with a witty saying on it.

Connie appreciated the card and gift,
and says "thank you".


Ron Berry


Ron fell and twisted his knee and ankle.
He cannot put any weight on that leg.

We sent him a combination
Valentine and Get Well card.

He is in rehab. in Escondido, Calif.

(Estimated for a month.)


"Sister Phyllis Tierney, and Pres. Denny Randall,

"Graduates of Distinction"

(June 2018)

Our class, by the way of our Sunshine Club,
made 2 donations -

One each, to the favorite charities for 
Sister Phylllis, and Denny Randall:

We gave a check in the amount of $100.00 each to -
(the charities of their choice)

Denny - "Old Brutus Historical Society"

Sister Phyllis - "Catholic Relief Services"


Joni Wethey Jones

(Feb. 20, 2018)

We've sent sympathy cards to: 

Cliff Jones and Family,
and Janice Compton as well.

Also, a $50.00 contribution to the American Cancer Society.


Joni Wethey Jones

(Nov. 6th, 2017)

A card, adult coloring book and pencils,
were sent to Joni Jones, for her recuperation,
from her procedure, (performed on Nov. 3rd),
of having to drill a hole into the side of her head,
to extract samples from her brain tumor.


Judy Lofft

(April 22nd, 2017)

A card, adult coloring book and pencils,
were sent to Judy Lofft for her recuperation,
from her Gall Bladder operation. .


Denny Randall

(March 2017)

Our Sunshine Committee sent Denny
a personalized card and note,
from the class, in addition to
2 puzzle/Brain Power books

Denny had to be rushed to the E.R.,
to the Crouse Hospital in Syracuse,
where he was admitted for several days,
due to a severe bladder infection,
among other medical issues.


Sue -

(Feb. 25, 2017)

Sue had an operation on her gall bladder,
and stayed over night at the hospital.

She received a lovely adult coloring book
along with some colored pencils,
which can be used to color with,
and a card, from our class.


Charlene Hepner Corfield


Our class sent a donation to
the American Cancer Society,
in memory of Charlene Hepner Corfield.


Rose Pantusi Lang


Our class sent a donation to
Matthew House, Auburn, in memory of Rose.


Joan Higham -


I received a lovely card,
an adult coloring book, and a set of coloring pencils,
from our class, yesterday.

I had a leg procedure on May 11th,
which did not go as smoothly as anticipated,
and it became badly infected.

I have the other leg scheduled for June 22nd,
and a completely different procedure
scheduled for Friday AM, June 17th.

(Oh, these "Golden Years".)

The card and gifts are very thoughtful,
and I appreciate them very much -

Thanks to all of you!


Marcella -


Marcella received a nice card,
and a "Money Plant", as a lovely gift,
from our class.

She slipped on her kitchen floor,
and broke her pelvis in 2 places.

It is a very painful situation -
We hope she feels more comfortable every day,
and has a speedy and full recovery.


Ron Berry


Ron received a nice get-well card,
and a little "gag" gift, of a "Scream Button".

Ron had a problem of his feet hurting,
and difficulty walking, as a result of (Peripheral  Neuropathy ).

We hope you are doing much better now, Ron,
with your being back on your medication.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Lorna Jones Sande


A lovely basket was delivered to Lorna,
wishing her a speedy recovery from her artificial knee operation.

Many cards, best wishes and prayers have been going her way.

We all certainly wish her a speedy recovery.


Allen Parker

(Nov. 25, 2015)

Our class has donated a check in the amount of $50.00,
To the "Calvary Food Pantry" in Auburn,
as suggested, in the obituary,
in memory of Allen


David Bowden

(Sept. 24th, 2015)

We sent Dave a card and flowers to him
as he was in the Tampa Hospital,
being treated for a very infected leg.


Carol Rhoades

(July 2015)

Our class sent Carol a card and gift basket,
VIA our Sunshine Committee.

Carol fell down and broke some bones -

We sure are sorry she had that accident,
and we all wish her a very speedy recovery.


Barb. Welch

(April 13th, 2015)

Our class sent Barb. a fruit arrangement,
which included fresh fruit, many of which
were dipped in chocolate, and the
arrangement was in a reusable container
shaped like a "Honey Bear".

The small card which was attached to it, read:

"Hi, Barb.,
We are all thinking of you, and wishing you well.
From the Class of '57"

The gift was sent as best wishes to Barb.,
who is recovering from breast Cancer surgery.

Barb. wrote a very nice thank you note to the class.


Denny Randall

(March 25th, 2015)

Our Sunshine Committee sent a personal card,
and also a gift card, to Denny, for "Mark's" Pizza restaurant.
They are located in Elbridge, but deliver to Weedsport.

We hope that he will be able to use it,
to be able to get some pizza for some of his helpers,
as he gets his home cleared out, and repaired,
due to damage from the frozen and broken pipes,
which occurred there, while he was staying in Florida, in March.


Punch Dickinson

(Aug. 18, 2014)

We have sent a $50.00 donation to the MAMAS SHELTER in Bamberg, S,C.
in memory of Punch.  

His wife, Jean, said that Punch adopted a cat 6 years ago
that gave him great pleasure over the years,
and continued to bring him peace as he was dying.  

His cat, named Gaylord, came from the shelter.

Both Punch and Jean had great respect for the goals of the shelter
and dedication of the shelter employees.


Lorna -

(Aug. 18, 2014)

Flowers were delivered (Aug. 18th), to Lorna at the Mayo Clinic.

Also - a card was sent to her, from our class.


Punch Dickinson -
(July 10th, 2014)

A lovely "Peace Plant"

was sent to Punch, to enjoy,
as he is valiantly fighting his battle with Cancer.

Also a card, from our class, to let him know,
that our thoughts and prayers are with him.

Our class had sent Punch a "Peace Plant"
many years ago, and he really did enjoy that plant -
he said he had many compliments on it,
and he was very happy to tell the folks that it was from

"The Class of '57"

The plant finally needed replacing,
since it died sometime around last Christmas.

We think Punch will be very happy with the new,
pretty "Peace Plant".


Joan Higham
(June 20th, 2014)

I was totally surprised, ---

when I entered the door of the "American Legion"
and was presented with some lovely gifts, from the class,
in appreciation of my running the class website for them.

A very beautiful, sparkling Dachshund doggie necklace,
along with a beautiful, engraved silver bracelet, with words saying:
"Class of '57 Webmaster" on one side,
and the Capital Letter "J" on the other. Very lovely.

My sincere thank you to the class for the
lovely, personalized gifts. VERY nice, indeed.

Joan H.


Connie's Mom -
(March 14th, 2014)

A fresh rose, some Babybreath, greens and ribbon,
were displayed in a pretty vase, at the funeral home,
representing our thoughts, prayers, and loving memories,
of Irma Keel, at the White Chapel Funeral Home,
on Friday, the 14th.


Al and Ruth Parker:
(Jan 21, 2014)

Our Sunshine Committee purchased a lovely decorative gift tin
with 3 "Country" CD’s in it, for Allen.  
It has a smattering of all the country singers. 

Also a little journal book (diary) for Ruth
in case she’d like to have a record of anything e.g. surgeries, quotes, etc.


(Dec. 7th, 2013)

A sympathy card was sent to Chink and Judy,
for the loss of Chink's brother, William Morgan.


Haji -
(Sept 8, 2013)

A green and white carnation arrangement from the 57ers
was delivered to the funeral home for the calling hours and funeral,
VIA our "Sunshine Committee".

We decided to send the flowers because it is just a special thing
that has great meaning (school colors and all). 


Haji -
(July 27, 2013)

Our class sent a personalized golf mug,
and a get-well card.


Carol Rhoades
in Memory of Dusty:
(June 10, 2013)

Our class has sent a $25.00 donation to each organization:

  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation,
    (for Parkinson's Research)


Lorna Sande
(May 25th, 2013)

A white rose, baby's breath and fern,
with our green ribbon, was in front of the family's bouquet
at the memorial service in Weedsport,
for Lorna's mom, Grace Jones, in May, 2013


Ron Berry
(March 8th, 2013)

Received a beautiful card from the class,
sending him best wishes for the tests he has had to have,
in the hospital, and for future operations.


Joan Higham
(Feb. 12, 2013)

Pretty Tulips, and fancy chocolates, from the class,
in appreciation for working on the class site.

Very nice! And, thank you!


Denny Randall
(Dec.1, 2012)

Denny underwent (outpatient) surgery at the hospital,
for his knee -

Thankfully all went well, and our class sent him a card,
and also a fruit basket VIA our Sunshine Committe.
The basket was delivered personally, to Denny,
at his home, by Alicia -


Carol Rhoades

(Oct. 25, 2012)

Carol underwent surgery on Oct. 23rd at the Hershey, Pa. Hospital,
to remove a cancerous tumor on the edge of her liver.

Our class, (VIA way of our Sunshine Committee),
sent a wicker basket of fall flowers to her room on Thursday, Oct. 25th.


Denny Salisbury -

(Sept. 11, 2012)

Denny's mom passed away Sept. 9th -

Our Sunshine Committee sent a sympathy card
To Denny and his family,
and also presented him with a single, white rose,
at the calling hours,
To show our support from the class.

(Denny was very appreciative.)


Dave Bowden

July 2012

Our sunshine committee sent a basket of assorted chocolates to Dave,
to let him know we are all thinking of him, in addition to wishing him a speedy recovery.


Dave Bowden -

June 2012

Get well card sent after extensive back surgery


Alicia -

June 2012

Sympathy card from our class.


May 2012

Charlene Hepner Corfield

A card and also flowers.

Charlene has had a reoccurrence of lung Cancer, a knee replacement and is battling shingles.

Besides all of that her husband has dementia and her son is having major surgery in a few weeks.

Sue has spoken with Charlene, and asked her if she could give her info to the Sunshine Committee which Charlene approved.


May 2012

John Bankert -

Our class sent John a sympathy card, and also a fruit snack basket,

With sympathy for the passing of his wife Joanne, on May first.


January 2, 2012

Joni Wethey Jones

We purchased Joni, a cosmetic bag (black & white polka dot) and filled it with:

A small notebook & pen, tic tacs, a comb/brush/mirror combo, lip balm with shea butter in it,
emery boards, tiny kit with nail clippers, gardenia hand sanitizer, olay liquid bath soap,
little pack of tissues, and Japanese Garden OPI hand lotion.

Also sent her a personalized card.


October 2011

Musical Birthday Card
Sent to Grace Jones,
for her 97th Birthday


October 2011

Helen & Mel -

Sympathy card and Rose sent,
for Helen's Dad, Everett Hazer's, Memorial Service.


October 2011

Ron Berry

Get well card and DVD of Johnny Carson
Ron was in the hospital.


September 2011

Sympathy cards,
and beautiful white Roses, with Baby's Breath,
sent to Joan Higham
Her mother passed away Sept. 8th


April 9, 2011

Sympathy card to Esther,
in the loss of her husband Art,
and also a check for her to use,
as she would like.

(Sorry we received the very sad news too late,
to send flowers of condolences.)


Best wishes card to Ron Abrams,
concerning his knee replacement surgery,
which was performed on Feb. 28th, 2011, in Florida.


Musical get-well card sent to Connie's Mom

(Feb. 2011)


Musical fun card sent to Jen Ryan -

(Feb. 2011)


Richard (Red) De Forrest
(Nov. 2010)

Donation of $50.00

was sent to Matthew House in Auburn,
for a memorial to Red.


Marge Bowden -
(Nov. 2010)

Card from the class to get well,
after she had to return back home to the USA,
due to the heavy pollution in China,
which affected her health.


Aug.11, 2010

Phyllis Tierney, SSJ:

We have sent her a commemoration certificate,
and also a matching card,
which included a $50.00 contribution from us,
for her to donate to the charity of her choice.

Update - (Aug. 16th)

Phyllis donated the fifty dollar gift to "Church World Service"
in honor of the Class of '57 for flood victims in Pakistan.


Card sent to Punch
(Returning home from hosptial for procedure)


Ezio Leonardi & Family -

Barbara Babiarz Leonardi
(March 25, 2010)

Ezio Leonardi's family was sent a sympathy card from our class,
with condolances concerning the death of Barbara Babiarz Leonardi.


Lorna -
(March 21, 2010)

Was sent, a get well card from our class.

Lorna has the Shingles, unfortunately.


For Mary Ann Keel:
(March 2010)

*A single white Rose,
with Babybreath and greenery,
was sent to her funeral service.

Also - a contribution to the Matthew House.

(See additional note below:)

*Our class gave Dave a bud vase,
with a white rose, and baby's breath.
Connie handed it to Dave personally.

I heard the service was lovely,
the church was filled,
and MANY of our classmates were there,
to support Dave and the family.

That was the very best thing we could do,
class --- be there for support -
and I am SURE Dave appreciated it.

PROUD to be in the "Family of '57"!



A tea cup floral arrangement of silk flowers was taken to Mary Ann 
just prior to when she went to Matthew house 2/2010.


Joan Higham
(Oct. 15th, 2009)

Flowers and cards sent
in sympathy of Fred's passing.


Marcella -
(Oct. 11, 2009)

Flowers were sent in memory of
Stell's mom, who passed away.


Marge Bowden -
(Sept. 23, 2009)

Cards and flowers sent to her home,
after Marge had extensive back surgery.


Punch -
(Aug. 31, 2009)

Our class sent Punch a DVD of Johnny Carson


Punch --

(Aug. 25th, 2009)

The Sunshine Committee,
sent a green & white arrangement for Punch,
including balloons.


A card and dish garden
were sent to Punch Dickinson,
on Monday, May 11th, 2009

Punch was in the hospital, in S. Carolina.
But has since been back home,
(About Oct. 23rd, 2009), thankfully


A music CD which had belonged to Diane,
has been sent to Mary Ann, and also
a cheerful bouquet "To Brighten your day",
has been sent to the Keels.

(About April 22, 2009)


The Sunshine Committee, has sent Helen Marshall,
a gift certificate to APPLEBEE'S RESTAURANT,
in Zephyrhills, and also a card from the class.

Helen suffered a stroke in Feb. '09,
but was back home by Valentine's Day,
and appears to be recovering very well

Cards and flowers were sent to the Ryan family,
with the very sad loss of Fran Ryan


Also, several cards,
and a pretty pewter "Faithful Angel" figurine,
were sent to the Higham Family,
in remembrance of the loss of Joan's father,
Bill Spier.


Flowers, lunch, and a "serenade by Sue",
were brought to Alicia, (July 26th?)
wishing her a speedy and complete recovery
from her operation, which was Tues., July 22nd

Alicia was admitted to St Joes Tues AM,
and had a catheterization done,
along with a stent inserted into the right coronary artery.
Came back home the next day, Wednesday.

Glad you are doing well, Alicia -
keep up the good work --
we sure do wish you a very speedy and complete recovery!


Flowers were sent from McEvoy Florist of Auburn
for the calling hours on Wed., for Joan L.
They were a green & white arrangement with a shamrock deco included,
as Joan loved kelly green and St. Patrick's Day shamrock decorations.

We heard they were beautiful.  

The committee also has sent many cards to Joan L,
while she was in the hospital.

Also, a beautiful Easter Plant.

In addition, they had visited Joan in the hospital,
and gave her a glittery green Dr. Seuss style hat
which had a shamrock design on the front.


Sent a card and White Rose to the church,
in memory of Bruce Christopher's mom,
who sadly passed away on March 17th, 2008.


Had mailed Joan L. a Valentine's Day card,
and little gift item -
Hallmark polka-dot heart pin.


On Feb. 5th, the Sunshine Committee
sent a card of sympathy to Stell and her family,
and also mailed a check to the:
Susan G. Komen For the Cure,
a living tribute to Kelly Weatherall Brower,
dear friend of Marcella and Nate Navarro.  

This was Marcella's request for our class's memorial to Nate., our honorary classmate.


The Sunshine Committee has delivered the following:

New Year's Decorative Coffee Pack, and card to Joan L.
Poinsetta plant to Joan Lacasse, Tues., Dec. 18th.

4 CD's to MaryAnn Keel. 
They are ones that are practically new that Diane used. 
Diane and MaryAnn were good friends and had alot in common.

Sympathy Card to Carol Moody's husband & family.

50th Anniversary Card and a lucky gift item,
to Judy & Bud Lofft for the 50th.


Sent a beautiful fruit basket to Ron Berry, on Nov. 15th,
with best wishes for his speedy recovery
from his aneurysm operation, which was performed on Nov. 14th


Ordered one white rose
with greens and baby's breath
which was delivered to Sennett Church for the funeral,
on Oct. 30th, for Barb. Ryan's dad.


Our Sunshine Committee purchased Joan Cuddy Lacasse
a nightgown, bathrobe and grooming articles in a lovely decorative cosmetic bag,
Bob and Barb delivered them to her on Sat., Aug. 18th.

(Her 13 hour surgery was performed on Friday, Aug. 24th)

Joan was very delighted with them,


A beautiful flower arrangement from our class,
was at the memorial service for Lorna's dad, Cerd Jones.
The flowers were beautiful White Glads with greenery.


A beautiful red, white and blue flower arrangement was sent
to the memorial service for Alicia's husband,
to commemorate his military service,
from the class of '57


Our Sunshine Committee sent Theresa Leonardi
a thank you card, and a $50.00 gift certificate for Walden Bookstore.



We have sent cards/and or gifts, (alphabetically listed) to:





Thanks to everyone for supporting our Sunshine Committee!  What a terrific class!!

Note from Barb. W:

I am so impressed with our class members thoughtfulness!


Barb Welch,

is our founder, Chairman, and treasurer! J

Please send contributions for the fund to:

Barb Welch

2072 Heritage Loop

Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577

Phone # 570-325-5250

Thank you!

The volunteer planning committee:

Barb Welch


Connie Bolton


Sue Guszcza


The planning committee sets general standards for this account.
Such as when we would use the account,
(under what conditions such as illness, death in immediate family or what?)
And how much?
Also, the type of Sunshine basket to send -
flowers, fruit, books, gift certificate etc. -

Please send all suggestions,
to Barb Welch, Connie or Sue (NOT to me):

Barb Welch:

Connie Bolton


Thanks! J

We have sent Get Well  "sunshine wishes" to:

 Denny Randall, Di Berry, Ron Berry, Joan Higham, Joni Jones, Bill Babcock,
Carol, Joan Cheeseman DeMarzio, Haji, Mary Ann Keel, Judy,
Joan C. Lacasse, Mrs. Christopher, Carole Moody Marino,
Alicia, Dick Brown, Rose, Stell, and Fran Ryan.

Several included cards along with flowers or plants, etc.

Sympathy cards have been sent to Marge Bowden, Ron B.,
Carol, Charlene Hepner, Alicia, Judy Hirons, Lorna, and Grace (Jones),
Dick Brown, Stell, Essie, and Chink Morgan, among others.

Also, some "Thinking of you" cards,
"Love" pencil, and Mary Engelbreit stick 'em notepads to Di.

A thank you card and bookstore gift card to Theresa Leonardi.

Later, when sadly, we lost Di.,
we sent a card and lovely green and white flowers,
which Ron lovingly placed on her final resting place, in Calif.

A contribution for Matthew's House in Auburn,
was made in memory of Mary Ann Keel, March 2010.

A contribution for Matthew's House in Auburn,
was made in memory of Red De Forrest, Nov. 2010.

For the total, alphabetical listing of classmates which the Sunshine Committee
have sent cards and or gifts to,
see the alphabetical listing above.

The committee has decided to have the following guidelines:


1. Our expenses will be limited to $50.00 per event.

2. We will send "sunshine gifts" to any class member/spouse, depending upon the occasion.

3. Upon notification of the death of a classmate's parent or child, we will send the family a "sympathy card" and a bud vase with a flower, (preferably a white rose), to the funeral home.

4. We will send "sympathy cards" to class members in the event of the loss of a sibling.


Barb asked me to thank you all for the great contributions
she has received from our classmates, for our Sunshine Fund!

We have 25 class members who have contributed to this fund, so far.

Hey -- let's give them a hand!