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Note from Ron Berry:



Thank you all, class of 57ers,
for this beautiful Get Well Card I received today..

things are going along as best they can....

that’s my Dog Dooley in the teacup......

I had a phone call from Essie yesterday.....

I suspect I will be here another couple of weeks....

luv ya all, Ron


Update on Ron:


Hi, well, I think it would have hurt less to break...

I slipped on bottom step coming out of motorhome....

twisted knee and ankle cannot put any weight on leg.....

having been in rehab 2 weeks, things are slowly getting better....

I have to get better to go old friend has Dooley for me...

he’s in good hands...later



Ron Berry -

Ron Berry is in a rehab -

Last Sunday, (Feb. 3rd) -
he fell and twisted his knee/ankle, but no breaks. 

Doing rehab 2-3 times/day and wlll be there for a while. 

Palomar Vista Healthcare Ctr
201 N Fig St
Escondido, CA -  92025


Ron's home address -

Ronald Berry
855 S. Main Ave., Suite K 388
Fallbrook, Ca 92028 

Ron's e-mail


Just a remembrance -

One Year ago, on Feb. 10th, 2018,
we lost our beloved classmate,
Joni (Wethey) Jones.

We sure do miss her.

Joni Jones 2018


The. . Brthday. . .Kdz !

February 23rd
Dick Brown


The postings below this line,
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Jan. 31st, 2019

Line Green

How cold izzit?

It's so cold -

That crews had to put Chicago train tracks on fire,
to ensure that trains could run smoothly:


Parts of Niagara Falls freezes in cold weather -

(It has before)


How to survive winter weather in your car:

Some great winter photos in the link below:


And - how cold IS it up in YOUR neck of the woods?



Note from Esther:


We're extremely lucky with temp range of 45 to 64 daily.   

Rain tonight and for next few days. 

We had thunder/lightning yesterday for maybe 2nd time in my memory. 

Tomorrow in CNY 48 degrees?  Yea. 

Stay well everyone.



Note from Judy L.:

Very, very cold !!!!  Wind chill in Auburn overnight was -29 & temp -1. 

Right now Cato temp is 8 & wind chill is -11. 

It is very sunny & quiet, but winds are supposed to pick up  & wind chill will be -20 again tonite. 

We have probably 5 - 6 " of snow on the ground which we've had for a while. 

It snowed on & off yesterday but not much landed because it was so windy. 

We're not getting any of the snow that's falling up in Adams/Watertown......
just saw the news & it is really a blizzard up there...accidents on 81. 

Just hope it stays up there !!

I'm glad to see the last day of Jan........It seems to me that it was 2 mo. long !!!!!

Judy L.



I thought Sue put a very pretty,
artistic slant on this weather:

“ In this Arctic world, one must remember
the warm sun on one’s back is not just a fantasy.

It is simply away for a season.

   And the beauty of the sun on the snow
is going to happen in good old February,
when one can smell the spring air returning to this frigid land.

It really is glorious, especially the lavenders and blue shadows
on the sweeping blankets of shifting snow”

(Sue wrote this)


Joan H.:

Wellll - we DID get frost, a couple of times!!




Just been out shoveling a little.  

Cold and blustery but up to 5º    this afternoon.  

Last night when we walked, it was -2º  but it dipped to -6 later

The old snowblower saw its last fight this past week.  
Bought a new one which stalled about four feet out in the snow!  
Today I couldn’t start it at all, so I called the  business owner to send a tutor!  
Some little thing that I am doing is not right.



Phyl & Ron -

Temps. in Alton, NY:

10 degrees, now zero at 8:00 this am. (Jan. 31st)

Too cold for me. 

It's like it used to be, when walking to school.  Brr



Bob & Barb:

It is really COLD here now.....21 degrees this am. 

My pansies are wounded!!

Barb -



Writing guy

Denny has written an article for the Auburn Citizen Newspaper.

You can read it there, or here on our Weedsport History Page.

This month, is:

"Like Mother, Like Son"

100 years ago, the yearbook called "Sparks" was born.

Denny mentions the names of other people,
who helped to write articles in the school newspapers, etc.

You will recognize several of the names.


The. . Brthday. . .Kdz !

February 23rd
Dick Brown


The postings below this line,
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Jan. 22nd, 2019

Line Green

Phyllis --

(Jan 22nd)

Tierney Phyllis



"I’ve been in El Paso for a week already volunteering at Mesa Inn,
one of the shelter sites set up by Annunciation House
to receive refugees asking for asylum.

So far we have been averaging about 50 people every day.

Many are single adults with young children
including dads traveling with their small daughters.

I was especially touched by one father who stayed by himself
watching his daughter while she played.
He never got into the food line until everyone else was served.
He spent his time working on bracelets made of yarn.
When he left he gave me a hug
and tied one of his lovely bracelets on my arm.
He was from Honduras and was traveling to North Carolina
to be with his brother.

I  spend my day doing different things, showing people to their rooms,
staffing the clothing room, and today I was on room assignments.

The people of El Paso are beyond generous.
Volunteers bring lunch and dinner, donate supplies and clothes.
They do not see refugees as invading their country but welcome them!

The groups that come are from various churches
or just groups of friends and neighbors
who get together and often volunteer at more than one shelter.

Volunteers staff the shelters and drivers are needed
to bring people to the bus station or airport.

Spanish speakers are needed to do the intakes
and contact sponsors who pay for the tickets.

I wish my Spanish was better so I could hear the stories of the people.
We do know that many have been in detention for a few days
and some say they haven’t been fed much
and can’t identify what they were given to eat.

When a bus arrives we feed them first and then start processing.

Pray that we have some Just resolution to this border business.

Border towns survive economically by open travel between Mexico and the US.

El Paso and Juarez are sister cities.

Enough for now!"

Keep up the good work, Phyllis,

Thank you for the up-date, and stay safe!

(Did they find you a bed??)



A personal note to us,
from Cheryl Blake, Joni's daughter:

"This has been devastating to me and the family. 

I just checked and saw that you already had the obituary that I wrote. 

Please give my love to all of “The Class of 57”
for making my mother so happy and more memories for me to have! 

They are together now.”


Joni Jones' husband, Cliff -


Jones Cliff Obit

Some of our class members will remember Cliff Jones -

Joni (Wethey) Jones' husband.

Sadly, he passed away Wednesday.

That was approximately 11 months after we lost Joni

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families.

You may post a condolence note at the link below:



From Judy Lofft:


Everything went well & Nick came home Fri. nite. 

Drs didn't discharge her til late in PM,
so they didn't get home til about 9:30.  (She & her Mom & Dad.)

She is doing well & she 
"Thanks everyone for all the thoughts & prayers sent her way".

Glad to hear that, Judy.

And thanks for the up-date!




Note from Sister Phyllis --


The latest word is that I will be working at theMesa Inn in El Paso.

Annunciation House has many sites rented to take care of refugees,
but this site may be shut down because fewer refugees are being released.

Things can change in a couple of hours so I’m really going into the unknown.

I could be there just a few days, or for the two weeks that I was able to give.

Prayers for refugees and for the helpers are appreciated!



Postings below this line, were already posted when the previous bulletin reminder was sent out on

Jan 13, 2019

Line Green

Note from Judy Lofft


Thank You girl

Thank you so much for all the prayers for Nicole. 

The procedure the drs. did was a catherization & it went very well.  It took about 4 hrs. .  There were 6 or 7 groups of drs. who spent all day Tues. conferring & deciding what they were going to do & how.  They had several different plans in case something didn't work.  As it turned out they started with the original plan & it worked out perfectly.

She called me this morning and said she felt better already......her main Dr. had been in and told her it was good seeing her smile !!!!  He told her if all went well today & overnite, she could go home tomorrow. (Fri. - That made her happy!)

Thanks again to our Great Class,
for all the good thoughts & Prayers!


Hi, Judy -

We are all so glad it worked out well,
and you are certainly most welcome for all of the prayers.



Note from Sue:


A Story About Sister Phyllis


Each year that Phyllis has graced me with her presence in my home for the reunion weekend, for all the many years of our reunions, she would always bring a house gift for me

She brought me a pretty plant 3 or 4 years ago.  I do not have a green thumb, but always watered it, but it never again bloomed with the beautiful orange flower it had way back then.

I heard  of Phyllis's desire to work with the immigrants at the border and saw her beautiful photo. She looks so fit and happy.

On her birthday this year, her plant surprised me on her birthday morning, appeared a beautiful orange bud....that is slowly becoming the beautiful orange flower that never appeared for the years after its arrival. 

It reminds me that the beautiful works that Phyllis continually invests herself in, never seem to end, and now she is blooming another good work.


Another story from Sue:


The story about the little girl from Mexico was told to me as I was writing about S. Phyllis’s plant. 

My distant cousin from Florida said the story about Phyllis reminded her about the one she told at church study. 

This poor little Mexican girl was going to the cathedral, but had no flowers to place on the altar.  An angel appeared and told the little girl to pick a bunch of the weeds from  along the roadway. She did, and when she was approaching the nativity, she looked down at her poor weeds, and they had bloomed into beautiful reds, and whites. 

They were the first Poinsettias....and Phyllis is down near the border. 

The two stories all came together at that moment, so I thought it is a nice way to say happy birthday to our beloved classmate Phyllis, upon her 80th of her most prolific years of caring for all her brothers and sisters... we are blessed to have her as one of our great class.

Happy birthday, Phyllis. 

From Sue

Very nice, Sue!

And yes, I can see the correlation between the 2 stories.

Thanks for sharing ---



Presley in Gold Suit




Dancing 3 Ladies Laughing Guy Dancing Lady and Man Presley  Animation



Each and every member of our "Class of '57"
is cordially invited to our little get-together
which takes place in Florida,
on Feb. 15th, 2019.

We would love to have you!

Please let me know if you would be able to come,
on Friday, Feb. 15th,
and be here at the house, about 9:30 AM.

I DO have to make reservations for you,
so please don't wait too long.

Reservations fill up early down here in February.
Tourist month.

Please let me know if you woud be able to join us -

My e-mail is




Judy Lofft -


Heartfelt note from Judy to our class:


I have a favor to ask of our class.....

Asking for prayers for my Grandaughter Nicole
(Kim's youngest daughter who is an RN at Upstate.)

An artery which takes the oxygenated blood from her lung to her heart is blocked. 

There are only 4 drs. in the US who do the procedure to correct it. 

She & Kim went, by ambulance, from Crouse in Syr. to Mass. General in Boston yesterday. (6th)

There will be a couple days of more testing
and, hopefully, Wed, be able to perform the procedure.

Please , she needs all the prayers she can get...…...I will be forever greatful

Judy -

So sorry to hear of the medical problem that Nicole is having -

She will receive BUSHELS of prayers from us,
as well as many others.

We most certainly do wish her our very best wishes, on her operation,
with a happy and completely successful outcome.



Phyllis -

Tierney Phyllis

I am going to volunteer at the border in El Paso. 

Also for Annunciation House Jan. 19- 29.
No details yet! Pray they find me a bed!


That is very nice, Phyl -

I sure DO hope you will have a bed!

Wishing you a very safe trip.

Joan - and class


Stamps 55 Cents 2019

The price of stamps are going up -

This January, the 27th, 2019,
the price of first-ounce Forever Stamps will rise to 55 cents
from the current 50 cents —

Hey, every five bucks you save by buying Forevers before the Jan. 27 increase
is five bucks in your pocket.

More info. at link below:




Ron just sent us 2 pictures of Dooley -

Kind of small pictures - but then - he is a small doggie!

A great travel companion!

Dooley turned 10 years old, on the 14th of Dec.

Below is Ron's beloved "Dooley" - (Ain't he cute??)

Dooley Dooley

Thanks, Ron!



The postings below this line,
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Jan. 3rd, 2019

Line Green

Phyllis Tierney -


A happy occasion!

Note from Phyllis:

I was in Florida for Christmas.

My sister Jan, married her sweetheart, BruceTaylor, on Dec. 27th.

The wedding was wonderful,
and a very happy end of the year celebration!

Happy New Year!



You may click on the thumbnails below, for much larger views:


Phyllis at Jans Wedding *Janet and Bruce Wedding



Connie -

Connie is safely back home from her trip to Texas.

Below, is an up-date to Alexia's cancer fight -

The note below is from Greg and Suzette:


Hi All!!!

Alexa and I are back from NYC.

The trip to NY was not as I had hoped for  :( 

Alexa was picked for the chemo only arm of the clinical trial.

When I heard the news I was devastated.

This means that she will not be getting the vaccine injections at this time.

I was told that if Alexa's cancer progresses a certain percentage on the chemo only
she can "cross over" to the injection part of the trial.

This cancer is so aggressive, I Just wanted to hit this hard full guns with the meds.

But unfortunately it was not in the cards for her to be selected.

She has been very ill since we returned from NY.

She is on 2 different chemotherapy drugs.

Some of the medicine we will be able to administer from home,
so Alexa can try to go to school and continue to hang with her friends and play sports.

We are not sure if she will lose her hair?

Her counts will drop, she will get fevers and she may need blood transfusions.

We will be traveling to NYC a few times per month to get medicine, blood work and scans.

This will be another year long journey.

Another battle! Another Fight.

I appreciate everyone reaching out to show your care and concern for Alexa.

I truly feel that we are not alone in this fight.

Thank you so much for continuing to join in our fight. UNITE THE FIGHT!

This came to me from Greg and Suzette.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.


Connie -

She will be receiving many prayers from our classmates.

Certainly our very best wishes and thoughts are with her.

Praying hands


Joan -

I flew North, to visit Dave in his new house in W. Va.

We had a white Christmas -

It melted some, and then we had crunchy snow.

Here is one view out of his window -

You can see the footprints of his dog Midas --

Dave Snow 2018



Note from Ron Berry:


Happy New Year!!

It has been really cold here....colder than I can ever remember....

26 on my therm. this morning



Sad News -


Doug Short ( class of 58) passed away Christmas day. 

He was married to Nancy Hubbard (class of 59)
& they have 5 children &, of course, grandchildren. 

He'd had medical issues for a few years
& was real bad for a short time just before he died. 

Very sorry to hear that -

We send our thoughts and prayers to his family.

Short Doug

Douglas W. Short, 78, of Auburn,
passed away Tuesday, Dec. 25, 2018 at Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse
surrounded by his loving family.

Born in Auburn, Douglas was a graduate of Weedsport High School.

Douglas was retired with the New York State Department of Corrections
having served in Auburn, Attica, and Greenhaven correctional facilities.

Following his retirement, Doug worked at Auto Finishers.

He was a past president of the Auburn Prison City Ramblers Car Club.

Doug was a passionate sports fan who coached youth baseball and basketball in Auburn for many years,
as well as serving as past president of Auburn Babe Ruth Baseball.

Doug was a devoted Chicago Cubs fan who patiently waited until 2016 for them to win the World Series.

Above all else, he loved spending time with his family,
and was especially proud of his children and grandchildren.

Doug is survived by his wife of 57 years, Nancy Short;
his children, Diane LaRue (Scott), Denise Sochan, Doug, Eric, and Missie Morrissey (Pat);
and his grandchildren, JD LaRue (Anna Remacha), Ryan LaRue (Monica Patel), Chelsea Morrissey (Tyler Smith),
Allie Morrissey, TJ Sochan (Courtney Baird), and Erin Morrissey.

He is also survived by his sisters, Marge Ammon and Bev Foley.

Doug was predeceased by his parents, William and Gertrude Short;
brothers Richard, William, Sam, Tom, and David; and sisters Betty Cona and Patricia Gleason.

Calling hours will be held 4 to 7 p.m. Friday at White Chapel Funeral Home,
197 South St., Auburn. A Mass of Christian burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 29 in Sacred Heart Church, Owasco.

Interment will follow in St. Joseph's Cemetery, Auburn.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made in Douglas’ name to Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital in Syracuse,
either online or mail to: The Upstate Foundation, Inc.,

750 E. Adams St. CAB326, Syracuse, NY 13210.




There are some interesting new laws,
which go into effect 2019:


The postings below this line, were already posted here when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:

Dec. 22nd, 2018

Line Green

Marge -


I am happy to report, Marge is feeling better since her last surgery.

She and Dave are happy they have moved into the apartment,
and they are now looking forward to the holidays.

That sure is good news, Marge -

Keep getting better!



Phyl and Ron -

Our snowbirds are back in Florida -

Snowbird with Sign

Note from Phyl:

This is what we left behind last wed, when leaving for Fla. 

It was much better south of the thruway. 

It's called lake effect.  Arrived here Fri. afternoon.

Phyl. sent us 2 pictures, which show how it looked
when they left up north:

(You may click on the thumbnails below, for larger views:

PhylAbramsSnow Phyl Abrams Snow

Thanks for the contributions, Phyl and Ron!

Glad to have you back down here, with us!


Phyl. Abrams


Below, are 6 photos sent to me to share with the class.

You can click on the thumbnails, for larger views.

#1 - Picture taken at their camp

#3 - This was taken from our deck, looking over sodus bay, a week before the snow came.

#6 - This was taken on our way home from camp on Dec. 20th, looking toward the drive in theater in Auburn.

Hi, Phyl -

Those are great photos -

Thanks so much for sharing!

Glad you will be away from that weather, very soon!


Alicia -


Alicia was kind enough to send us a few photos to share.

One is of her beautiful dog, and the other 2 show the recent snow,
AFTER a few days since the storm, and much had been shoveled away.

Here is what she wrote:

"This is the look today.  (Monday, the 19th) -

It is a beautiful day, still low 30’s. 

Expect it to be
A bit warmer by the wkend, 40s.   

I got a path thru the snow bank on the corner on Fri, 
plow filled it in and I got the snowblower stuck. 

Pulled it back to the garage until later.

The dog still had to be walked and paths around back yard to be done.

Walked the dog and later made the path in the backyard.

The walks and driveway took a couple of hrs.  

I think I spent about six hours that day! 

Never did go back to the corner!

This is about half of what we had.

Our morning walk is 2 - 3 miles,  late night walk only a few blocks.

Haven’t  missed a day in five yrs.  

Coldest day was 13 below zero, much shortened walk!

This week was pleasant, low thirties."


(You may click on the thumbnails below, to see larger views)

Alicias Dog Alicias Snow Alicia Snow

Many thanks for your contribution, Alicia!

Glad you survived that snowstorm -
hope it will be a while before you get another one that bad.

Very pretty dog!



The postings below this line, were already posted here when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:

Nov. 18th, 2018

Line Green

Note from Sue:

(Nov. 16, 2018)

I am sharing a harvest of iPad art that I was able to publish into cards.  

( I'm gathering up stones), and I am still trying to fulfill my yearbook of '57 dream,
of becoming a grandma Moses... (at least the age is right).

I am so excited to be selling my art as stationery cards
in gift shops in Skaneatles and other locations,
and also selling them privately to friends and others,
after iPad presentations to different groups.  

Art does not exist until it is shared with others to be enjoyed.  

Art is that kind of gift that I treasure in my life.  


(You may click on the thumbnails below, for larger views of the samples.)

Autumn Lake Vista Blue Bowl of Cherries Erie Canal Reflections Folk Apple Orchard
Moonlit Apple Orchard Moonlit Pond Apple Orchard Morning Electric New Day Dawning
Onondaga Lake Sunset Peaches and Plant Pitcher and Cherries Seneca Lakeside Tree-Scape
Smooth Sailing Spring, Springing    


#1 - Autumn Lake Vista

#2 - Blue Bowl of Cherries

#3 - Erie Canal Reflections

#4 - Folk Apple Orchard

#5 - Moonlit Apple Orchard

#6 - Moonlit Pond Apple Orchard

#7 - Morning Electric

#8 - New Day Dawning

#9 - Onondaga Lake Sunset

#10 - Peaches and Plant

#11 - Pitcher and Cherries

#12 - Seneca Lakeside Tree-scape

#13 - Smooth Sailing

#14 - Spring Springing


(You may click on the thumbnails below, for larger views of the samples.)

Erie Canal Autumn Folk Art Angel New York Autumn Lakeside Od Country Angel Peace on Earth Child Angel Three Winter Evergreens Mary and Baby


# 1 - Erie Canal Autumn

#2 - Folk Art Angel

# 3 - New York Autumn Lakeside

# 4 - Old Country Angel

# 5 - Peace on Earth Child Angel

# 6 - Three Winter Evergreens

# 7 - Mary and Baby

I would like to mention, that each computer picks up colors slightly varied -

Also - the paper used for the cards is exceptionally nice.

Very sturdy, and professional.


If anyone is interested in purchasing any of Sue's cards,

she is asking $2.00 for a single card each, and envelope,

and $10.00 for a package of 6 cards of the same picture, with envelopes.

Please contact Sue:

Ms. Sue Guszcza
4 Channing Lane
Camillus, N.Y. 13031

Phone # 315-299-7475



Alexa - Excellent news - 11-14-18


Alexa's surgery  went  well. Thumbs up

They  removed 4 tumors from 1 side, there are 2 on other side,
but not doing anything at this  time.

She  could be home  this weekend.

Her chemo will be in the form  of a  pill (new)

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers keep them coming.


Hi, Connie - Sure glad to hear the good news!

I hope she will be able to come home this weekend,
and we wish her a quick recovery.



Denny R. says --

According to the property transfers listed in the paper,

Judy (Kappesser) Smith has sold her Weedsport residence.


Note from Judy Lofft:



We have our house up for sale. 

We're putting a small double wide
on land our daughter & son-in-law bought a couple years ago. 

They bought a nice house & 7 acres of land
just outside of Port Byron with this in mind. 

We hate to leave our home,
but it is becoming too difficult for Bud & me to keep up. 

We don't need such a big house with an acre of yard to maintain. 


Postings below this line, were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:

Oct. 22nd, 2018



The Welches --


Barb. 'n Bob have moved north,
to Myrtle Beach.

Here is their new address:

2072 Heritage Loop

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577

Home phone # 843-945-9147

We wish you much happiness and health
in your new home, Barb and Bob!




Remember -

The Bowdens

They have moved to an in-law apartment,
at their son Ed's, in North Tampa:

New address:

11304 Carrollwood Place West

Tampa FL 33618

Phone and email same


The postings below this line, were already posted, when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:

Sept. 16, 2018





An announcement to make ---

(Sept. 14th)


  "I am pleased to announce my appointment to the board of the
Empire State Theatre and Musical Instrument Museum
at the State Fairgrounds."

Denny was at the State Fair every day this year,
for his annual gig at the Arts & Home Bldg.,
demonstrating to people, how pipe organs and player pianos work.

Denny says:

  "I have done that for 52 years,
since we moved the "mighty" Wurlitzer theatre organ
from the soon to be demolished RKO Keith's theater
on Salina St. to the  fair grounds."

Congratulations, Denny!

(Photos to follow)

(You may click on the thumbnails below, for much larger views.)

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13

Below, Denny added a short description, to each photo:


1. Denny (Entertaining) :-)

2. Some instruments on display. Modern (1978) Spinet player piano, C. Melody sax,
cornet, etc.

3. Electrically changed feature act boards from the old RKO Keith's Theatre on S. Salina Street in Syracuse.

4. Pianola Piano Player rolls and pedals like a player piano, but pushed up to any piano which was then played with fingers on back of this unit.

5. Console of our mighty Wurlitzer. I helped remove it from the RKO Kieth's Theatre 52 years ago.

6. Console of our "Mighty Wurlitzer".

7. Hohner portable reed organ on bench. Hammond Player Organ, used mostly by Mortuarys Irish harp on left, Zithers on right.

8. Piano in auditorium played from the console of the Wurlitzer.

9. 1978 Aeolian Spinet Player piano - electric or pedals.

10. 1913 Kohler & Campbell that we demonstrate on front removed so works can be seen.

11. Simplex movie projector exactly like the ones I used to run at Zimmers, and East Drive In.

12. Doorman's uniform from the old RKO Keith's Theatre with megaphone to announce coming attractions, hail cabs, & maintain order.

13. Parlor pipe organ for the home.

Very interesting, Denny -

Congratulations, and many thanks for your great contribution!

Joan & Class



Postings below this line were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on

Sept. 2, 2018


Denny R.:


Hi--I feel generally good
(good enough to have been at the State Fair every day
for my annual gig at the Arts & Home Bldg. demonstrating to people
how pipe organs and player pianos work).

  I have done that for 52 years
since we moved the "mighty" Wurlitzer theatre organ
from the soon to be demolished RKO Keith's theater
on Salina St. to the  fair grounds.

    We had an astonishing 82 people at the Erie canal program
and I was surprised and pleased to see Connie among them. 

I didn't get much of a chance to talk to her,
but I was real happy to see her there. 

I think my pacemaker is doing well,
since I'm again able to do "stuff".



Postings below this line, were already posted when the last Bulletin reminder was sent out on:

Aug. 11th, 2018


Joni Wethey Jones -

Joni's ashes will be scattered Sunday, the 12th.

I don't know the details,
and her daughter's e-mail address apparently no longer works,
so I have been unable to find out more.

I'm pretty sure it will take place in New York State,
and it almost seemed - going by memory -
but not certain, that it would take place in Auburn.

We sure do miss her.



Postings below this line were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on



Quote from Denny:

"Please include in your next bulletin,
my gratitude to all of my classmates of a lifetime,
for all they did to honor me so. 

I still can't believe it.




Quote from Phyllis:

"Many thanks to all for the great honor and wonderful event!"


Below is the link to click on
to see a summary of our reunion,
of what there is so far ----

Our class, B/W/O our Sunshine Club,
made 2 donations -

One each, to the favorite charities for
Sister Phylllis, and Denny Randall.


This photo was in the Weedsport Alumni Assn. pamphlet,
and photo was taken at the banquet, last year: (2017)

Class 57 at 2017 banquet

Our green class shirts-

Here we are wearing them 4 years ago (2014)

Green shirts - 2014

To see the information for our reunion this year, go to this link:

Our schedule:


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when the last Bulletin Reminder was sent out on:

March 3rd, 2018

Line green


Our Directory 3 page --


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Oct. 9, 2017


Some of our classmates have reported that their e-mails to Carol Rhoades,
have been kicking back, due to an incorrect address.

Others have either gone through, or at least have not kicked back so far.

If I can get more information on this, I will let you know.

Does anyone have a different address for her?

Joan H.



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June 24, 2017

This year, as we have mentioned,
we plan to have a small "Box of Memories" -
which we plan to bring to each reunion, in Weedsport,
for several more years.

If you are willing to share any COPIES of photos which you have,
of schoolmates etc., or little buttons
or anything (small) pertaining to our class,
we sure would appreciate your contributions to it!


Box of Memories

Click on Memory box above, to see the inside.

(Then use your back key, to get back to the BB)


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May 26, 2017



It was 11 years ago, we had our 50th Reunion -

Do you remember that??

Here are SOME photos from that reunion -

You can see more photos from that reunion if you wish,
by clicking on our link:


Photos from our 50th reunion - 2007
Hope to see you at our 60th! :-)


The postings below were already posted
when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:

May 20th, 2017


Our new Directory page -

Lists Bulletin Board, Sunshine Page, Class Obituaries,
Addresses, Weedsport History, Reunions, etc. :


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when the BB reminder was sent out on April 3rd, 2017



Denny's e-mail:

Cards can be mailed to:

Mr. Denny Randall
2605 Hamilton St.
Weedsport, NY 13166-9701



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Nov. 10th, 2016

Remember this?

Class 57 45th reunion

These are some of the classmates standing in front of Sue's house,
where Sue, Connie, Lorna & Marcella hosted a most superb party !
( This great photo was submitted by Denny Salisbury - THANKS, DENNY ! )
Wish he could have been in the picture, though.

That sure was a wonderful (reunion) party!!

Thanks to Sue, Connie, Lorna and Marcie!


Of course, Sue has moved out of that house,
and now lives in Camillus.

Recently there was an article written in the Auburn Newspaper,
and this is what the house looks like now:

Jouse in Weedsport


Grayson's Cottage is a specialty store, selling handmade unique and antique gifts in Weedsport.

You can read the story which is in the Auburn Newspaper, at this link:

Grayson Cottage also has a website:

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Oct. 30th, 2016

We have added a new page to our class pages -

It is a page showing the listing of the Class of '57 members, who have passed away.

If you would like to view the new page, here is the link to it:

Connie made the suggestion to me, and I thought it was a great idea!

Thanks for the idea Connie!

PS - If anyone can help to fill in with the missing photos,
or information of dates etc., it would be appreciated -



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9-23rd, 2016


Denny R. says the "Inport Newspaper",
is no longer in circulation.


Postings below this line, were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:
July 2nd, 2016


And at long last -

I am starting a NEW "Directory3" page for us -

The old one still has the links on it,
which DO work, and are up to date, (the links),
however, I have not been able to change a thing
on the old actual Directory page for several years now.

I don't know why the new information will not upload to the net.

So I finally had to give up trying to do that,
and just start from scratch with a brand new "Directory3" Page.

It will take me a long time to complete it.
But I do think it will be worth while.

newThe NEW "DIRECTORY3" page:


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June 21st, 2016

59th reunion page:

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May 7th, 2016

Again -

Thank you to our wonderful Sunshine Committee,
who are always on the ball, sending cards
best wishes, and gifts to our "Family of '57"

We ALL appreciate it!

Click on the icon below to visit our "Sunshine Funds" page:

Sunshine Fund Bear

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April 1, 2016

The Welches -

(Nov. 30th, 2015)

Below is a brief article that our son Craig wrote. 

He is in Paris as a reporter for the talks on Global Warming.

The article is in the "National Geographic" magazine.

Please click on the PDF link below:


Craigs Article Paris Climate Talks


This article on the PDF form is several pages long - please remember to scroll down to all pages.

Below, is the link to the page in the National Geographic magazine:

VERY good article, Barb 'N Bob - many thanks for the contribution! :-)

Barb. --

Bob --



Our class of '57 "Brick" -

(Aug. 6th, 2015)

A note from Cheryl Austin, who is the "Director" of the Weedsport Library:


"Hi Joan and Denny,

I'm pleased to tell you our landscape architect came last week,
and installed the brick order. 

The area is still a little sandy from the installation,
we will get all of the sand cleared off if rain doesn't take care of it.

I'm attaching a photo of the brick and a photo of the area as a whole.

Thanks again for participating in the brick garden project. 

What a lovely and lasting tribute to your class of a lifetime!

Cheryl Austin"

Please click on 3 thumbnails below, for much LARGER views:



I think it looks verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry nice!

Thank you to Cheryl Austin, Director of the Weedsport Library,
and to all others who helped to make this "beautiful memory" happen!

Mike Randall

(Denny's Son)

(April 23rd, 2015)

Mike has written a very impressive article.

"A Diversified Collection"

He has a HUGE collection of toy trucks,
of all shapes, sizes and ages.

I can assure you, that you have never seen such a collection
of this size.

Great article and great photos!

He started to collect them since he was a little kid.

You can read his story on our link below.

This link will open up a new window -
but the link is within our class site.

Great job, Mike!


"Again - he is featured in the same magazine:

(Christmas issue 2017)"{\"issue_id\":453427,\"page\":0"

(Click thumbnail below for larger view)

Toy Trucker

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APRIL 17, 2015

The WCS School has an absolutely wonderful website:

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July 16th, 2014

Gold Line


The 57th reunion is over -

I think/hope everybody had a good time! :~)

I just received the first photo of our class group -

This photo was taken by Jack Ashby's wife Joan -
Thank you Joan -

And mailed to me by Denny R.
Thank you Denny!

You should be able to click on the thumbnail below,
and see a much larger view or our group:

57th Reunion June 2014


Front row:

Lorna, Judy S., Barb. M, , Marci, Sister Phyllis, Joan H., and Judy L.

Back row:

Dave K., Gordie, Pete, Alicia, Connie, Ron Berry, Jack Ashby, John Bankert, Sue, Denny S., Denny R., Joni J., Dan J., Janie, Barb. R., Bill B., and Burt W.

Holdilng up the sign, which reads: "The Class of '57, is a Class of a Lifetime - Our 57th Reunion", are Dick Brown and Bruce Christopher.


Our "57th Class Reunion" Page

Denny R.

Has written an article for the Auburn Citizen Newspaper,

Which is about our 57th class reunion.

This article is printed in the Auburn Citizen Newspaper,

However, if you do not have access to the newspaper,
you may click the link below and read it on our class site

You can also see the article in the newspaper,
by clicking on the link below:


Postings below this line were already posted when the last Bulletin Reminder was sent out on:

May 11, 2014

Ron Berry's address now:

855 S. Main Ave., Suite K 388
Fallbrook, Ca 92028
Phone # 760-807-4504


Line Gold

The postings below this line, were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on:


Postings below this line, were already posted when the last Bulletin Reminder was sent out on:

Oct. 31, 2013

We miss our beloved classmate very much.

Our tribute page for Haji:

Postings below this line, were already posted on the Bulletin Board,. when the last reminder was sent out on:
Sept. 26, 2013

Gold Line

The Welches -

Bob 'n Barb's son, Craig Welch,
has written a very interesting article,



In the Seattle Times, which is on-line, at the link below:

The link above, contains MANY beautiful photos.

Pacific Ocean takes perilous turn --

Ocean acidification threatens to scramble marine life on a scale almost too big to fathom.


Many of you will remember one of Craig's previous books:

"Shell Games"

Shell Games Hard Cover  Book Shell Games Soft Cover


Craig is a very talented and informative writer, indeed!

Class -


We now have a page on our class site in memory of Haji.

Sunshine Committee -

We thank our great hard-working Sunshine Committe,
for all the cards and gifts they send out from our class,
at each appropriate event.

We sure don't want to forget them -
and we thank them for all they do.

You can view the page which lists the
people who have been sent the cards and gifts,
as well as the dates, and also the current balance of that fund.

Sunshine Teddy Bear


Aug. 31, 2013


The postings below this line were already posted when the bulletin reminder was last sent out on:
Dec. 31, 2012

Bob Leonardi

has written an article in the Auburn Newspaper -

"In Cooking, Practice Does Make Perfect."

He includes 2 recipes:

Potato with Oregano

Sauteed Steak

You can click on the link below to read it on-line, perfect/article_e90d769a-06fb-5d90-9892-40677ca0f030.html

(Jan. 2, 2013)

or go to our "Leonardi" page on our class site:


This is a book created completely by Sue -
All of the poetry, and artwork were composed and originated by Sue.

I feel this book is particularly interesting to folks to have lived, (or do live),
in the town of Weedsport, since so many of the artworks portray Weedsport,
as do the little poems accompanying each painting.

This is a clean-cut book, you can read to your grandchildren;
Or if they are old enough to read, they will enjoy reading it themselves.

A great gift idea for many occasions:

Children in a hospital, Sunday School, Weedsport elementary School,
dog lovers, (particularly Min-Pins), - since the book is based around
a dog named "Lilli", and her best friend "Willy" who is a clown.
They share many happy experiences together, through the different seasons, and holidays.

Each page you turn, will have a poem on the left side, and the corresponding artwork on the right side.

Easy reading - I would say quite large print.

You can read more about the book at the link above -

Great job, Sue!! thumbs up

Postings below this line were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out
on June 5th, 2012

Gold Line

Denny -

Has writtern many articles for the Auburn Newspaper -

He reviews some old newspaper information, which was printed in some of the old "Cayuga Chiefs", of the 40's and 50's

You can also read his article on our class page: "Weedsport History"

Postings below this line were already posted when the last Bulletin reminder was sent out on:
Jan. 9th, 2012


Bob Leonardi -

Champ wrote an article in the Auburn Newspaper -

"Today's smelts are fresher, easier to prepare"

If you don't receive the Auburn Newspaper,
you can read his article on our class page, if you click the link below:

Bob Leonardi -
November 2011

Champ wrote an article in the Auburn Newspaper -
"Green Shutters: Year-round destination",
which includes recipes for

"Corn Salsa",
"Texas Hot Sauce"

Ordinarily, I post his write-up/stories also,
however this month, that particular article was so large,
that I have only posted the 2 recipes,
which you can view and print out (taken from his articles from Lake View Page)
on our class page, at the below link:

Entries below this line, were already posted when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on
Feb. 26th

Postings below this line, were already posted there,
when the last bulletin reminder was sent out on March 17th, 2011

Scholarship Fund --


Note from the Prez.:
(Nov. 29, 2007)

I am pleased to report that today
I have turned over to the WCS Alumni Association
the sum of $4057.57 in the name of the class of  ' 57.  

Whadda Class!!  

Thanks to all who participated in the project
and especially to Alicia
who handled the fund raising 
in the face of some very trying personal times. 

The Alumni Association typically gives
5 scholarships yearly totaling $2500.00 ,
so you can easily see how big an impact
a donation of this size helps the program.  

By the way, this is the second largest donation
ever received by the association
and by far the largest ever given by a class. 

Thanks again to all.   



see Scholarship Page

(click on graph above for more info.)

Here are a few other Weedsport websites
you may enjoy looking at:

Classmates -

may be listed on our class name and address page.
If you do NOT want it there,
please contact me and I will be glad to remove it.

We now have a "Printer Friendly" version,
of our classmate name and address page:

Also, of course, we still have the e-mail page,
which you can print out easily:


Denny Randall's book:

Excellent reading -
Perfect gift for people who have worked in the fire departments.

Denny R:
( July 19, 2004 )

You can purchase this beautiful, and full of magnificent photos book,
by clicking on the FASNY website. 

Denny R.

Also writes a monthly column
in the Auburn Citizen Newspaper
about the history of Weedsport.

We will be posting his monthly articles for you to read
at this location

Also -

Now on our Bulletin Board --

Please scroll down to the VERY BOTTOM of the bulletin board,
and you will see 4 web pages which list
the most recent viruses, virus hoaxes, e-mail rumors etc.,
as well as the "old" ones.

These pages are listed on our Class Directory Site, also.

Weedsport School Web Page:

There is a LOT of information there you can click on.

There is a web page for " The Citizen "
newspaper in Auburn New York,
which frequently has news about Weedsport in it.
Also columns written by Denny R., and Bob Leonardi.
If you wish to see it, click below :

The. . Brthday. . .Kdz !

January 3rd
Dave Keel
2649 Hamilton Street
Weedsport, NY 13166

Sadly, we have lost our classmate Dave Keel.
January 4th
Phyllis Tierney
January 7th
Phyllis Drabel Abrams

January 9th
Marcella (Jorolemon ) Navarro
January 10th
Judith Smith
January 27th
Denny Randall
January 31st

Bob Welch
February 23rd

Dick Brown
March 5th
Sue ( Whitman ) Guszcza,
4 Channing Lane,
Camillus, NY 13031
March 28th
Bruce Christopher
(It's their anniversary, also!! 1980)

April 21st

Chink ! ( Bob Morgan )
April 21st
Pete O'Hara

May 8th
Esther (Jordan) Kirchheimer

May 11th
Lorna Sande

May 17th

Barb ( Ward ) Ryan
June 20th
Kenneth Stoneburg
124 Terry Rd.
Syracuse, NY 13219
Phone # 315-488-4651

July 4th
Alicia ( Rosecrans ) Procino
July 15th

Rose (Pantusi) Taylor
Sadly, Rose passed away.
July 18th

Bill Babcock
(This e-mail no longer works.)
174 Beaver Ridge Road
Gaffney,S.C. 29341
August 12th
Dave Bowden

August 28th
Ron Berry
September 19th
Joan ( Spier ) Higham
September 26th

Carol ( Golamb ) Rhoades

Carol doesn’t have an email at the moment.

She is using fb messenger to send and receive notes.
Oct. 4th

Judy ( Williams ) Lofft
November 26th

Barb ( Tallman ) Welch
December 20th

Connie ( Goodrich ) Bolton

E-mail chain letters, offers, sympathy donations etc.
which are untrue - listed alphabetically - quickly checked :

Myths ( De-bunked ) Alphabetically:

Myths ( De-bunked ) Alphabetically:
Best! H

Myths ( De-bunked ) by Category:

Virus alerts listed alphabetically:

These four web pages above, are very helpful -- I particularly like the second one,
which "de-bunks" the pesky and untrue "E-Mail warnings", alphabetically.

Thankfully, this web site is simple and fast to use, -- I hope you will try it.

The site contains interesting information, in simple terminology.

Also --- check out SNOPES.COM