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Message Board - Our Class of '57
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Sunshine Fund:

Denny Randall's
Monthly article to the Citizen Newspaper:

Champ - Bob Leonardi
Leonardi Newspaper Articles
See pages which have appeared in the Post-Standard Newspaper,
including an interview with Champ,
who owns the Green Shutters Restaurant.
( Aug. 25, 2005 )

55Th Class Reunion

June 2012


Sister Phyllis' trip in Brazil - 2011

55th Class Reunion - Plans

53Rd Reunion Photos

52nd Reunion Photos:

51st Reunion Photos:

See photos, and read the story
about Bob & Barb Welch's trip, as missionaries, to Guatemala!



50th Reunion Photos:


Denny Randall's book :
FASNY American Museum of Firefighting Coffee Table Book

Artwork by Sue:

Weedsport Central, and Jr-Sr Schools
Great, professional web site now being done by Bill Clark:

GOLD Page: - 1953

GOLD Page:
1953 & 1956
GOLD Page:
1956 & 1957

GOLD Page:

"Good Old Days"
Good OL' D ays
Photos of our class of '57
before graduation

"This Town That Was Our Home"
Beautiful poem, written by Phyllis D. Abrams
April 30, 2004

In Memory of Diane Wolford Berry

Class Photos Page

Class Hobby Page

50th Reunion PLANS
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WCS '57 - 50th Yearbook

Our yearbook to be put together by Dick Brown.
Please send your photos and suggestions to him.
July 18, 2005

Photos of classmates about 2002:
Class Photos Page

Germany and Austria Photos
From Dave and Marge:
(August 2006)

Alaska Photos -
From Ron and Di:
(August 2006)

 Prayer Page

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This page is no longer kept up, since I rarely get updates of how the people are doing.

New page as of February, 2006 -
Diane and Ron's Granddaughter Caitlin and her dance team photos:

Lili - ( Sue's dog )

Hawaii Photos - Jan. 2005
Contributed by Barb and Bob Welch

Photo of the class of 1958, at their 45th reunion.
Photo of the class of 1954,
at their 50th Reunion:
Bob ( Chink ) Morgan and family
Nov. 2, 2004 - Beautiful Autumn Photos of Kirkridge,
contributed by Bob 'n Barb :
Oct. 28, 2004:
"Cool Hand Duke"
Beautiful, beautiful photos sent by Bob 'N Barb:
Oct. 2004
Phyl Abrams on "Sea-Doo"
Oct. 16, 2004
Barb Ryan Swims Owasco Lake Labor Day 2004
Sept. 16, 2004
Dick Brown " The Great Fisherman"
Aug 6, 2004
FLOWERS - Ron and Di
April 28, 2004
See the beautiful flowers "The Berries" have nurtured:

WCS Cub Scouts - 1949:

This page is from the Weedsport "In Port" Newspaper
It is an article written by Denny Randall
Dave Keel is the Business Manager there
You can find out from him, how to purchase a copy of this article from them,
or you can order from:

"In Port" Newspaper
P.O. Box 430
Weedsport, NY 13166

1982 - WCS Class of '57
25th Reunion:
1982 WCS Class of '57 -
25th Reunion :
Feb. 12, 2004 - PIZZA PARTY

Feb. 12, 2004 - Pizza Party -- 2

Feb. 12, 2004 - Pizza Party -- 3

Feb. 13, 2004 - Show Queen Boat Ride

Feb. 14, 2004 - Homosassa Springs

Silver Springs - Jan. 8, 2004 :

Photos taken in 1993 :

Message Board
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Compliments of Sid Balcolm
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Sept. 3, 2003
Photos of Barb and Fran Ryan in Maine :

August 17, 2003
( Shows photo of Ron and Di in Reno, Aug. 2003 )

July 5, 2003
( Shows photos of "Flag Day" - sent in by Jennie & Denny :
Page # 1 :

Page # 2 :

May 22, 2003 :
Photos of Haji, Judy, Ron and Di

Old Messages
Contains some messages from our Class of '57
Message Board which have been
deleted off of the "live" board on the Internet :

"Remembering Lou Ryan "
From the "In-Port" Newspaper

Patriotic Page

Newsletter # 2 Page

Newsletter # 1 Page

WCS 45th Anniversary Page

The "Fifties" Page

Reunion Photos 1 Page

Reunion Photos 2 Page

Reunion Photos 3 Page

Reunion Photos 4 Page

Reunion Photos 5 Page

Reunion Photos 6 Page

Reunion Photos 7 Page

Reunion Photos 8 Page

Reunion Photos 9 Page

Reunion Photos 10 Page

Reunion Photos 11 Page

Dick Brown Photos

Dick Brown Photos 2

Reunion Photos 12 Page

Rose Lang Photos

Christmas Snow Photos 2002

Christmas Snow Photos 2002 - Second Page

Christmas Snow Photos 2002 - Third Page

Christmas Snow Photos - Fourth Page

Cypress Gardens reunion 1-11-03

Cypress Gardens Reunion 1-11-03 - Page 2

Cypress Gardens Reunion 1-11-03 - Page 3
Also includes a photo of Phyllis Abrams' "Big Fish" story ! J
This page was added on Feb. 11, 2003

Ron Berry in his chef's St Patrick's Day attire
This page was added on March 21st. 2003

Added March 28, 2003:
'KOA' Models !
Phyl & Ron have their photo in the 2003 KOA Catalog 3 times !!

Added March 28, 2003
Photos of Phyllis ( Drabel ) Abrams and Ron Abrams,
Joan ( Spier ) Higham and Fred Higham March 26, 2003

Added April 12, 2003
40th Class Reunion

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